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Team Prometheus (also known as "C+D" or "Create + Destroy" to the general public), known for their involvement in the Prometheus project, more commonly referred to as Pandora. Attended the 24C3 conference as hosts.

The list of members is as follows:

Adrahil (using the alias VoidPointer)

Booster (No alias, although was later disclosed to be a front identity for developer Mathieulh)

Cswindle (using the alias Caretaker)

Dark_Alex (using the alias Malyot)

Ditlew (no alias)

Fanjita (using the alias FullerMonty)

Joek2100 (using the alias CosmicOverSoul)

Jim (also known as Jimp, no alias)

Mathieulh (using the alias WiseFellow)

Nem (using the alias h1ckeyph0rce)

Psp250 (no alias)

Skylark (no alias)

TyRaNiD (using the alias bockscar)