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Flash Storage:[edit | edit source]

  • Memory Stick PRO Duo Expansion Slot (PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-3000, PSP-E1000)
  • Memory Stick Micro (M2) Expansion Slot (PSP-N1000)
  • Internal Flash Storage[citation needed]
    • Internal NAND flash used by System Software is partitioned into 4 sectors:
      • flash0, contains system firmware – 24MB (PSP-1000)
      • flash1, contains system settings – 8MB (PSP-1000)
      • flash2, contains PSN activation data – 944 kB (PSP-1000)
      • flash3, for Japan-exclusive features (?) – 880 kB (PSP-1000)
    • PSP-N1000: 16 GB total, 14.74 GB usable. Part of the internal storage is shared with System Software.
    • PSP-1000: 32 MB total, all of it used by the System Software.