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app.db[edit | edit source]

Application Database used by SceShell for storing themes, notifications, and application metadata.
  • Path: ur0:shell/db/app.db
  • Size: 260~390KB

Tables[edit | edit source]

tbl_appinfo[edit | edit source]
titleId key val
<Value associated to key>
  • key's purpose:

'key' is a `fnv1a32` hash in decimal of the SFO parameter's name, here are some examples:

key Purpose
566916785 CATEGORY (gd, gda, gdb, gp)
1299181514 CONTENT_ID (i.e.: IV0001-NPXS10007_00-WELCOMEPARK01234)
2414097773 SUPPORT_URI (i.e.: mailto:)
3168212510 PSP2_SYSTEM_VER (i.e.:03.010)
278217076 TITLE_ID(i.e.: NPXS10007)
3794959877 Minimum firmware version required (decimal to hexadecimal). Where:
 -22020096 = 1.500
 -50397184 = 3.010
 -51707904 = 3.15
1203824812 Displayed minimum firmware version required
904872283 TitleID (i.e.: NPXS10007)
2275227917 Parental Control Level
3022202214 eboot.bin path (i.e.: vs0:app/NPXS10077/eboot.bin)
2593862978 Main directory of an application (i.e.: vs0:app/NPXS10077)
966797424 URI for near's manual (sceman:near)
2630610402 Livearea stuff path (i.e.:vs0:app/NPXS10077/sce_sys/livearea)
1729228973 Icon path
 (i.e.: vs0:app/NPXS10077/sce_sys/pic0.png)
 (i.e.: ur0:appmeta/PCSI00009/pic0.png)
4209668781 Value for Title_ID NPXS: 0, others: 1
tbl_appinfo_icon[edit | edit source]
pageId 6 pos 9 iconPath vs0:app/NPXS10021/sce_sys/pic0.png title Ağ Operatörü type 0 command titleId NPXS10021 icon0Type 5 parentalLockLv 1 status 0 reserved01 reserved02 reserved03 reserved04 reserved05
Page ID on live area for the app Position of the app icon0 on a page icon Path partition for the app TITLE Value: 0 or if folder: number of apps inside it Null TITLE_ID 5 for an App or 7 for a folder Parental Lock Level 0 Used for folders to save the pageId of there content reserved02 reserved03 reserved04 Used by folders to store the icon of the folder in a dds format. ~16.6kbyte big
tbl_appinfo_page[edit | edit source]
pageId pageNo themeFile bgColor texWidth texHeight imageWidth imageHeight reserved01 reserved02 reserved03 reserved04 reserved05
Page ID used to identify pages with apps Position of the Page from 0-9 (max number of Pages is 10). For Folders it is a negative value with a leading "-1" followed by 7 digits. - Color of the Background. Value between 0-30 - - - - - NULL NULL NULL NULL
tbl_config[edit | edit source]
tbl_livearea[edit | edit source]
tbl_livearea_file[edit | edit source]
tbl_livearea_frame[edit | edit source]
tbl_newevent[edit | edit source]
id_title_id (i.e.: NPXS10072)
id_item_id (i.e.: EmailNewEvent)
msg_type (i.e.:256)
act_type Length: 11 Numerical (i.e.: 60129542146)
time_updated (i.e.: 2015-09-27 00:02:28.634)
icon_path (i.e.: vs0:app/NPXS10072/sce_sys/icon0.png)
exec_title_id (i.e.: NPXS10072)
exec_arg (i.e.: EmailAppLaunchFromNotificationIndicator)
title Title of notification (i.e.: You have new messages.)
desc Description of notification (i.e.: You have new messages.)
hash Length:10 Numerical