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Description[edit | edit source]

id.dat a unique data file that stores several values regarding your account, device and the fw version of the Vita and some more, which need to be analyzed and added here. This file is UTF-8 encoded.

Location[edit | edit source]


Structure[edit | edit source]

Even though id.dat is a text file, it must start with a magic of 3 bytes: EF BB BF. It is then followed by plaintext.

Short Name Name Length Example Usage
MID Media Id 0x24 MID=455CB356BF73B0A530DE63C6A3B41D0F Unknown.

This value can be found under the table tbl_conf inside app.db.

DIG Digest 0x28 DIG=9F672EE122819AF9245A825D8F306CCD671B5281 Unknown digest. Certainly sha-1 according to the size.
DID Device Id 0x28 DID=297C4C05A145A6E374FE4FE65535E03DC1643F2C DeviceID, the sha-1 hash of OpenPSID
SVR System Version 0x8 SVR=03520000 System Software Version (in this example: 3.52) of the PSVita
AID Account Id 0x10 AID=58CD7F52A6E493F1 NP Account ID
OID Online Id variable OID=myPsnUsername123 PSN username to which the PSVita is bound to