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Send, receive and browse email (NPXS10072) messages using the email account you use on your computer or other devices. You can use Gmail™ (Email service by Google), Yahoo! Mail, and other general email accounts supporting IMAP or POP.

Sending a message[edit]

Attach a file[edit]

Select to use the PS Vita camera to take a photo, or attach an image saved under Photos.png LiveArea:Photos. Select the attached images to view or delete them.


Up to 4096 characters can be entered.


Up to the firmware 3.20 (after 3.20, "Add additional commands to the "link" and it does work. It works via providing input."), write to yourself an HTML E-Mail with the following content to receive the E-Mail on your PSV:

Source Code
<a href="psgm:open?titleid=NPXS10031">OPEN PKG INSTALLER</a>


Source Code
<a href="psgm:play?titleid=NPXS10031">OPEN PKG INSTALLER</a>

The <a> href attribute specifies the link's destination (to an element with a specified id within the page)

Open your E-Mail app and click the link and the ★Package Installer (NPXS10031) will start.

You may want to replace the title id parameter with any of your choice.

See also Webbrowser