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Group Messaging.png

In the Messages application (NPXS10014), you can exchange messages using PSN with Friends and others you have played with. Messaging takes place among the members set as recipients.

You can also use Messages to receive information from PSN, and to send invitations to play games and to parties in Party.

Messages can be sent and received only between players on other PS Vita systems, PS TV systems, PS3™ systems, PS4™ systems, 
and players using smartphones or other devices with PlayStation®App installed.
You can send a message to a group of 1 to 99 users.

Ask the message recipients in advance for their online IDs.

You can enter up to 512 characters in a message.
A maximum of 200 messages are displayed. After you reach this 200 message limit, your oldest message will be automatically 
deleted each time you send or receive a new message.