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In the Trophies application (NPXS10008), you can view trophies you have earned from games or other applications, and you can compare your trophies to those of other players.

The same trophy set can be shared by different release (version/region) of the same game

Enable Trophy Earning/Delete Trophy Data[edit | edit source]

Many PS Vita Game Cards will only let one user at a time earn trophies. If a previous user has earned trophies on PS Vita Game Card (used game) you may receive the notice: “You cannot earn trophies in this game- do you still want to continue?” when you insert the Game Card into your PS Vita.

  1. Hold down the game icon to enter Edit mode.
  1. Tap the icon in the right corner of the game icon (seen above) to bring up Delete/Information options.
  1. Tap "Information" to find out if the game is eligible or ineligible to earn trophies. At this point, you should see that you're ineligible to earn trophies.
  1. Choose the Delete option.

Very Important Note: This will delete all data associated with the game, so if you've already played some of the game without earning trophies, you're going to lose your progress unless you back-up your data.

  • After the application data has been deleted, turn the PS Vita off and remove the Game Card.
    Place the Game Card back into the PS Vita and turn it on to reinstall the software.
    You should be able to earn trophies now. Have fun!

Games example: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend, Dokuro, Dynasty Warriors Next, Jak and daxter trilogy, Shinobido 2, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (?)

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