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The Vitas MemoryCard uses a new variant of the previous invented MagicGate security for the PSP. For sure it is one of the most wanted Hacks of users, to be able to use much cheaper non Sony brand microSD or others, instead of the Vitas heavy overpriced standart MCs.

Pinout[edit | edit source]


Don't try to take it apart like this (archive)

Pin Signal Description
1 INS Detection Pin
2 SCLK Serial Clock
3 VCC Voltage
4 D3 Data 3
5 D2 Data 2
6 D1 Data 1
7 D0 Data 0
8 BS Bus State
9 VSS Ground

pinouts by Asdron also confirmed by RichDevX

About Pin 1: "it's an input pin on the host controller (pulled up high), and the pin on the card is grounded" (source RichDevX)

Soft Reversing[edit | edit source]

The OS driver for the Memory Card can be found here:
Analyzing results of the Hardware reversing process did show that, for what it looks like the Memory Card is not using the magicgate.skprx.
"RichDevX: yo, as far as I can tell, it isn't using magicgate. maybe when I launch games (perhaps), but doesn't seem to be play an important role"


Still to be able to reverse this above named kernel driver it will require a kernel exploit source to be able to dump and analyze it for future purpose which is right now not possible to do the lack of the source code for HENkaku.

HW Reversing[edit | edit source]

(by RichDevX)

@RichDevX I don't know what is that picture... But seems good. Right?
@ACViperPro it's just a graphical representation of two separate sessions of 1s and 0s ^_^ (binary state of digital signals). as for the significance, the sessions are exactly the same. there's also a lot of whitespace which is a good indication :P. 
@RichDevX i'm totally noob but, quoting @yifanlu.. "Some.. packets are constant.. others--partially change after each time you turn on Vita". @RichDevX "This is most likely related to some encryption mechanism." Encrypting the handshake is not much different from encrypting all! xD. 
@Danyfenix69 we can deal with challenge/response handshakes, session encryption would require much more work
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    [X ] [X ] [X ] [D3 ][D2] [D1] [D0] [BS]
    Binary capture format

Partitions[edit | edit source]

Memory Card can be accessed with SceMsif module. It has the following partitions:

code type name desc
0xD raw Some data
0x8 exfat ux0 Memory Card