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Tag = 37121 (9101.H)


N= 4

Specific to compressed data; specifies the channels and complements PhotometricInterpretation

Information specific to compressed data. The channels of each component are arranged in order from the 1st component to the 4th. For uncompressed data the data arrangement is given in the PhotometricInterpretation tag. However, since PhotometricInterpretation can only express the order of Y,Cb and Cr, this tag is provided for cases when compressed data uses components other than Y, Cb, and Cr and to enable support of other sequences.

The EXIF specification defines these values (4,5,6,0 if RGB uncompressed; 1,2,3,0 otherwise):

0 = does not exist
1 = Y
2 = Cb
3 = Cr
4 = R
5 = G
6 = B
Other = reserved