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Settings[edit | edit source]

Send, receive and browse email (NPXS10072) messages using the email account you use on your computer or other devices. You can use Gmail™ (Email service by Google), Yahoo! Mail, and other general email accounts supporting IMAP or POP.

Sending a message[edit | edit source]

Attach a file[edit | edit source]

Select to use the PS Vita camera to take a photo, or attach an image saved under Photos.png LiveArea:Photos. Select the attached images to view or delete them.

Body[edit | edit source]

Up to 4096 characters can be entered.

JavaScript[edit | edit source]

Up to the firmware 3.20 (after 3.20, "Add additional commands to the "link" and it does work. It works via providing input."), write to yourself an HTML E-Mail with the following content to receive the E-Mail on your PSV:

Source Code
<a href="psgm:open?titleid=NPXS10031">OPEN PKG INSTALLER</a>


Source Code
<a href="psgm:play?titleid=NPXS10031">OPEN PKG INSTALLER</a>

The <a> href attribute specifies the link's destination (to an element with a specified id within the page)

Open your E-Mail app and click the link and the ★Package Installer (NPXS10031) will start.

You may want to replace the title id parameter with any of your choice.

See also Webbrowser