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Multi-use port[edit | edit source]

PSVita - Multi-use port cable to USB

PSVita - Dock Multi-use connector to USB

PSVita - Multi-use port internals to USB
Pin Signal
1 Another voltage input?
2 Another voltage input?
4 Audio output
5 Audio output
6 UART RX (CPU/Syscon)
7 UART TX (CPU/Syscon)
8 UART CTS (CPU/Syscon)
9 UART RTS (CPU/Syscon)
10 ?
11 headset control GND
12 headset control data / mic
13 Unknown, connected to Wolfson Micro WM1803E DAC
14 GND
15 Unknown, connected to MB44C026A IC
16 GND
17 +5V charge input
18 +5V charge input
19 GND
20 USB D-
21 USB D+

Accessory Port / EHCI[edit | edit source]

The accessory port found only on the original Vita models is a custom port USB interface.

It is commonly believed that code to enable the port was removed in 1.69 however This is actually not true.

Even on the latest firmware the accessory port can be enabled using


and disabled with


The port is mostly compatible with drivers for the full sized USB Port on the PlayStation TV. Only difference being 3.3v power and logic levels, instead of 5v.

Pinout[edit | edit source]

Pin Name Description
1 GND Ground - On the side with the mounting hole that has threads
2 ID (1.8v) USB OTG
3 D- USB Data
4 D+ USB Data
5 VBUS (3.3v) Power

Offical usage[edit | edit source]

There are only a few documented uses for the accessory port on the PSVita.

FCC[edit | edit source]

In the FCC filing for the PDEL-1001 development unit. It seems that some dongle attached to the device is used as part of their hardware testing framework.

Accessory to USB adapter[edit | edit source]
Accessory port adapter.jpg

An Accessory port to USB adapter board was sold on auction sites awhile ago. It comes from a PSVita factory in China that was being repurposed for other things. since production of the PSVita has stopped.

Unoffical usage[edit | edit source]

There have been some usage of the accessory port outside Sony

VitaShell[edit | edit source]

VitaShell can mount a USB Mass Storage device plugged into the accessory port. as seen in this video on youtube

Simular Connectors[edit | edit source]

The sheilding on the port is simular to what is used on the Panasonic K1HA14AD0001 camera.

However. The pin layout on this is incorrect and will short the accessory port if plugged into a psvita.