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Current version[edit]


North America (USA, Canada)[edit]

ps4-systemupdate-footer-img.png / ps4-systemupdate-footer-img.png / ps4-systemupdate-footer-img.png

ps3-systemupdate-footer-img.png / ps3-systemupdate-footer-img.png / ps3-systemupdate-footer-img.png

psvita-systemupdate-footer-img.png / psvita-systemupdate-footer-img.png / psvita-systemupdate-footer-img.png

psp-systemupdate-footer-img.png / psp-systemupdate-footer-img.png / psp-systemupdate-footer-img.png

Oceania (Australia, New Zealand)[edit]

British Isles (United Kingdom, Ireland, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey)[edit]

Europe (Europe, Middle East and South Africa)[edit]

Korea (South Korea)[edit]

Southeast Asia (Asia except China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, but including Hong Kong)[edit]


Russia (Russia, India)[edit]

Mexico (including Central + Latin America / Spanish countries)[edit]

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ps3-sysupdate-footer-img_mx.png / ps3-sysupdate-footer-img_mx.png

psvita-sysupdate-footer-img_mx.png / psvita-sysupdate-footer-img_mx.png

psp-sysupdate-footer-img_mx.png / psp-sysupdate-footer-img_mx.png