3.56-1 CEX

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Released: January 26, 2011


System changes
  • System security has been improved, blocking the ability to run unauthorized software.
  • Added an Ipla TV channel under [TV] for Poland.
  • Downloaded demos are no longer collapsed in a folder.
System changes (reissued version)
  • Initially caused issues (like in 3.41) when upgrading the hard disk with this firmware on some systems. A semi-fix has been published. Fix will only work if user still has the original unformatted hard drive. Users who don't have the old hard drive or have formatted it are not able to install system software.

Warning Note[edit]

First released, but after users experience problems with exchanging their harddrive when this firmware was installed, it was silently replaced by a fixed 2nd release to address the issue. However, if users had formatted the old drive with the 3.561st firmware on it, even the second silent release could not fix the issue, leaving users in dispair at the playstation board, filing lawsuit/complaints and seeking damages compensation, sending their console in for repair by Sony. Just another fine example how good Sony treats its customers: NOT!


PUP Hashes[edit]

3.56 RETAIL/CEX BAD | MD5::6e070c96e0464e993aaf9deac3660863 | SHA1::39f38f0e5015bc20dc162c3cf731ffe39320ff3f | CRC32::A6CAF172 | CRC16::331A | HMAC_SHA1::C752AAAE505438F82AE26CCE0DDF648D411FB4AB

PUP Information[edit]

PUP file information
Package version: 1
Image version: 48165
File count: 9
Header length: 656
Data length: 184579176
PUP file hash : C752AAAE505438F82AE26CCE0DDF648D411FB4AB
        File 0
        Entry id: 0x100
        Filename : version.txt
        Data offset: 0x290
        Data length: 5
File hash : DE5F93B189BB136A1544465A1DB333F66DA67D6D
        File 1
        Entry id: 0x101
        Filename : license.xml
        Data offset: 0x295
        Data length: 264283
File hash : 367FCD28D27719525D0A11A4F2679FBF35B4681F
        File 2
        Entry id: 0x103
        Filename : update_flags.txt
        Data offset: 0x40AF0
        Data length: 5
File hash : FD7C893936FDFC668922BE6D119A462111B2BBDB
        File 3
        Entry id: 0x200
        Filename : ps3swu.self
        Data offset: 0x40AF5
        Data length: 5660160
File hash : 3C62C0BDA7983487C441B9076C9A110BED06D221
        File 4
        Entry id: 0x201
        Filename : vsh.tar
        Data offset: 0x5A68F5
        Data length: 10240
File hash : D9B66E0D2845D71A67D76E7907AB06368CE61E08
        File 5
        Entry id: 0x202
        Filename : dots.txt
        Data offset: 0x5A90F5
        Data length: 3
File hash : 1AA4749D0EE0D0AE937FBF73BC4B9ACD352F732A
        File 6
        Entry id: 0x300
        Filename : update_files.tar
        Data offset: 0x5A90F8
        Data length: 172912640
File hash : BB91143416B044EF4EA7B9ED0300A57D99016FBD
        File 7
        Entry id: 0x501
        Filename : spkg_hdr.tar
        Data offset: 0xAA900F8
        Data length: 71680
File hash : DFB07F23E11EE44157BFAC7BB70733B98D8C09FA
        File 8
        Entry id: 0x601
        Filename : ps3swu2.self
        Data offset: 0xAAA18F8
        Data length: 5660160
File hash : BB3794C58DB10368148551A9F4E8DBC3DA65EDEB

CoreOS Filehashes[edit]

3.56_1 4474E75E93D66E15377339F96A5D13F2
creserved_0 - 09A1D434DBD7197E7C3AF8A7C28CA38B
sdk_version - 4AD31C47E7A2348C75A24B15135F9BF7
lv1ldr - 3ADACB60B0C3440791C02BE2048229B9
lv2ldr - EAF6B57BF2DAC94523446123DA696B93
isoldr - 96DD3D4044944568E8E712F7B6A03423
appldr - 2885D973933190FB79F7C4DFDEC07CB0
spu_pkg_rvk_verifier.self - 91FCCD765F3FDF2E2FCD020B7ADD3528
spu_token_processor.self - 1485B63F2A7AD71E0C08F938BE145D5F
spu_utoken_processor.self - E4C5E0291E623B7742FA34180E6DF78D
sc_iso.self - 820FC3766D64D5504C0FA29A5D82F57E
aim_spu_module.self - C8A9F4DC766FDCF833B3229519071DD7
spp_verifier.self - B765846D0E7F1D57F30094A97E7AB43E
mc_iso_spu_module.self - 58F8FB43E70C6F05F9C760E57003B01A
me_iso_spu_module.self - 653BB23FA6526C976C64449E3EED7594
sv_iso_spu_module.self - 0C6CD628B7294376C9E2A450AC054642
sb_iso_spu_module.self - F6ED302112FDED20FD4F6E4CA985003F
default.spp - 7485A40C8568C1142BA5F60613290372
lv1.self - 31796E12C4BFD5BCF9A9641AC1E7E402
lv0 - AF5B8BB998E9CD7998ACAD92DF0B34BD
lv2_kernel.self - 5991AE956AFD3819F306A4DF11F55361
eurus_fw.bin - B5F54D9A11D1EAE71F35B5907C6B9D3A
emer_init.self - 20240BD07C4BC8B15EC27BB0F860A436
hdd_copy.self - 8C868F3AA912F9657572EC33D3300766
manu_info_spu_module.self - D63A966D32D17551E04D8E0DE82911F8