Factory Service Mode

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Factory Service Mode

What it is[edit | edit source]

The Playstation 3 Console can enter a special "Service Mode". When it does so, the bottom right hand corner of the screen has a red translucent rectangle with the words "Playstation 3. Factory/Service Mode" inside of the rectangle.

How to enter[edit | edit source]

To enter, it is needed setting Offset 0x48C07 on the System Controller EEPROM to value: 0x00 or 0xFE,
at least something beside 0xFF (inactive). This can usually be done via a special hardware logic dongle, or the Factory Service Mode Tool.

Dongle[edit | edit source]

  • When the PS3 is off
  • plugging a special "JIG" in the most right USB port (closest to the Blu-Ray Drive)
  • then pressing Eject immediately after pressing the Power button

The PlayStation 3 is triggered into Service Mode when it boots up.

(reference: Getting in FSM with Dongle (2 Steps) )

Factory Service Mode Tool[edit | edit source]

FactoryServiceMode Tool v0.2 (Only on modified Playstation System Software 3.55 and lower) allows you to enter Factory Service Mode without any Dongle and just through GameOS XMB.

Requires 'LV1 mmap hvcall 114 fix'
Requires 'LV2 peek and poke'

Linux[edit | edit source]

This requires graf chokolos modules and patches installed

1st step – Generating a challenge

  1. ps3dm_usb_dongle_auth /dev/ps3dmproxy gen_challenge

2nd step – Generating a valid response for a challenge

You need a dongle id. Valid range for dongle IDs is 0×0000 – 0xffff. So choose one, doesn’t matter which one, but some are revoked !!!

  1. ps3dm_usb_dongle_auth /dev/ps3dmproxy gen_resp 0xBABE “here is a challenge like this 0xXX 0xXX … of size 20 bytes”

3rd step – Verifying response (Enabling “Product Mode”)

  1. ps3dm_usb_dongle_auth /dev/ps3dmproxy verify_resp 0xBABE

“here is the response from step 2 like this 0xXX 0xXX … of size 20 bytes”

( Reference: Emulating JIG with Linux )

Rebug Toolbox[edit | edit source]

Select Option "Toggle Product Mode" under "Utilities" column.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Allows remarry-ing of the Blu-Ray drive
  • Blu-Ray DRL CRL fixing
  • Downgrading of System Software

Level-1 Hypervisor[edit | edit source]

Different acting in Level-1 Hypervisor

sysmgr_ss.fself[edit | edit source]

partition related - Lets the PS3 function and turn on without a HDD inside, any actions 

requiring one will error out but not freeze (Tested on FAT NOR model CECHP01)

ss_server2.fself[edit | edit source]

av settings related? - Gives the PS3 the ability to Video and Audio multi-output 

on all games and software (Games requiring an HDD will error out unless there is one in the drive)

ss_server1[edit | edit source]

trm manager usage related -> restart, backup+restore flash, flash address size, restore+backup srk/srh
module loading related (user token, pkg/rvk verifier, update token (+seed)..) - Gives it a multitude 

of functions already listed here such as Downgrading/BD Remarry/CRL Files etc... but also lets the ps3 use ps2_netemu.self)

Level-2 Kernel[edit | edit source]

It will allow to run an Application mounted via:


Game OS[edit | edit source]

Game OS Applications will be granted to access following Level-2 Kernel Syscalls:

389 (0x185) sys_sm_set_fan_policy
395 (0x18B) sys_sm_request_system_event_log
400 (0x190) another REQUEST_SYSTEM_EVENT_LOG
405 (0x195) Factory Process Comp..
406 (0x196) Factory Process Comp..
407 (0x197) Factory Process Comp..
408 (0x198) sys_sm_get_tzpb
409 (0x199) sys_sm_get_fan_policy
577 (0x241) sys_pad_manager_....

Virtual Shell (VSH):

Recovery Mode (Emergency Init):

Bluray Disc Player Revoke