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COK-001 revisions related with daughterboards[edit]

  • Facts
    • CECHA and CECHB uses COK-001 motherboard
    • CECHA has wifi/BT by using a daughter board named CWI-001 fully populated with components, also card reader using another daughter board named CMC-001
    • CECHB does not have wifi... but uses the same daughter board named CWI-001 where some components are missing, also it does not have card reader daughter board
    • COK-001 had at least 3 revisions, based in the serials reported: 1-871-868-12 (first revision), 1-871-868-22 (second revision), 1-871-868-32 (third revision)
  • Fictions
    • So it seems there are different COK-001 motherboards... the motherboard PCB itself is the same but for CECHB some components are missing (the ones related with the wifi.... and maybe some more related with card reader)
    • Is not clear is is posible to know this differences based in the serials (the 3 revisions COK-001 had)

See: Motherboard Revisions and Refurbished Compatibility

Note the components missing next to the connector (the big squared one looks like a fuse/thermistor and should be specific for wifi module)

BT module is the one at left... and wifi the one at right