Refurbished Compatibility

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Description[edit | edit source]

This page is intended to take notes of wich parts are compatibles between PS3, specially the compatibility between motherboards and cases

Official refurbishments[edit | edit source]

Official refurbishments made in sony repair centers

These consoles can have 2 stickers, the new one sticked over the original with a new Datecode

<@eussNL> keep in mind that datecode can also include refurbishments, I have a CECHC04 of [8A] with double serial sticker, while my original CECHC04 [7A] only have one serial sticker and my Serviced CECHC04 [7D] has two serial too...

Unnofficial refurbishments[edit | edit source]

COK-001 from a CECHB inside a CECHA case[edit | edit source]

See: Talk:COK-00x

DIA-001 inside a CECHM case[edit | edit source]

... please fill info here

Reference Tool (DECR-1000)[edit | edit source]

  • Changed Lv0ldr (build date is the only thing that changes, 2 years difference)
  • New hashes on eeprom protected area region 1
  • New RSX revision(B07?)
  • Cannot be downgraded below 1.60? (Needs confirmation)
  • IDPS 9th byte denotes refurbished or not (0xF4 means refurbished)
  • Unsure if oficial or unoficial