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Structure folder/files around EBOOT.PBP[edit source]

Note: might not be complete structure tree.


|-PARAM.SFO (SFO used by PS3: CATEGORY_For_HDD_contents)
      |-CONTENT (dir): (this folder is sent when using export)
      |     |
      |     |-DOCUMENT.DAT (software manual)
      |     |-EBOOT.PBP (more infos on main page)---SFO inside used by PSP
      |     |-PBOOT.PBP (udpate game. SFO category is PG, used with main SFO as PP)      
      |     |-KEYS.BIN (see above)
      |     |-other possible files related to the game when it s update PBOOT.PBP
      |- SAVEDATA (dir): about minis/ ps1 classic save and Memory card adapter
      |     | 
      |     |-ICON0.PNG   (used for PSP save data)
      |     |-PARAM.SFO   (Category: MS, used for PSP save data)
      |     |-SCEVMC0.VMP (memory card save in PSP format for slot 1)
      |     |-SCEVMC1.VMP (memory card save in PSP format for slot 2)
      |     |-CONFIG.BIN  (probably generated by the PSP)
      |-CONFIG (generated after first boot)
      |-ISO.BIN.EDAT: ISO.BIN.EDAT (1Ko file when update PBOOT.PBP)
      |-MINIS.EDAT (used on MINIS game)
      |-MINIS2.EDAT (used on PSP remaster)
      |-load_tmp: (dir only on MINIS after first boot?) 
      |      | 
      |      |-ICON0.PNG
      |      |-PARAM.SFO (Category: MS)
      |      |-PIC1.PNG
      |      |-SECURE.BIN
      |      |-SND0.AT3
      |-save.tmp (empty dir only on MINIS after first save?)

Files related to EBOOT.PBP[edit source]

PARAM.SFO attribute (PSP)[edit source]

By group content format:

  • PSP icon PSP™: X3, X5, X6, X7 (used also for unsupported/corrupted data like unknown folder on PS3, X1 can be also in this folder and it is a bit different issue, in 2 case at least)
  • PSP Minis icon minis: X1 (same on PS3)
  • PS1 icon Playstation® (for PS1 classic game): Don't have attributes
  • PCEngine icon PCENGINE: X0 (same for PS3)
  • NeoGeo icon NEOGEO: X2 (it is X4 on PS3, NEOGEO games don't have export so that can be the reason why attributes are different)

Only X3 seems missing, X5, X6, X7 might not be used yet.

CONFIG[edit source]

Infos about [Emulation|PS1 Emulation]

Size: 60 bytes, string in ASCII: "PS1EmuConfigFile", "disc_no"

Generated/overwrited at each boot of the game, configure the PS1 emulator for: ?

KEYS.BIN[edit source]

16 bytes.

If you have this file, you can put it into the folder CONTENT to make your PS1 classic game working after being exported.

For export on PS3 3.55: XMB option

For export on PS3 4.xx+: PKG as bubble first. (note: install on PS3 also, the "fix" pkg can be use the regular install pkg)

For Minis and export, you can use the same tool linked on main page to make it as ISO running on your (CFW) PSP.

DOCUMENT.DAT[edit source]

Software manual of games (minis, PSP remaster and ps1 classic).

By pressing PS button during the game, ICON of software manual will appear near the game icon to of the PS3 (as option when it s PS1 classic).

Can be replaced by other DOCUMENT.DAT of others same game category (Minis and PSP remaster can be interchanged).

By editing PARAM.SFO: on Disc Game: The icon of software manual can appear on PS3 games but not loading the manual. (edited SFO category as MN instead of DG, the utility icon don t appear with HG)

3 different version supported? ( ps1 classic-MINIS-old format used on homebrew)

Can be loaded from PSP XMB (if it is from MINIS, not from PS1 classic) without having to boot the game or even a working game.

Create your homebrew manual or walktrough by using PSP DocMaker GUI:

( /

Others remarks:

Max 100 pages as display?

Misc: Digital Comic PSP[edit source]

On PS3, digital comic can also be repacked and run as PSP Remaster icon or PSP Minis icon.

Customization might be extremely limited by size of image (around 2MB?) per page/sum loaded although there are may be some possible setting (if not due to internal use) on emulation for PS3 and one SFO parameter on PSP. XML structure link seems also limited to only two xmlurl / action per page (left/right as backward/forward) .

It is simple to manipulate and make your own .PNG (no need to be specific) slow slide show pack as PKG for your game column.

Pages can be added by simply expand the structure inside USRDIR/packages/comic name/.

Structure tree[edit source]

          |   |  
          |   |-latin_22_serif_r.pgf files, latin_22_serif_i.pgf files,...
          |   |  
          |   |-.bmp, .gim and .tga files used for GUI.
          |   |  
          |   |-libfont.prx
          |   |  
          |   |-libmp3.prx
          |   |  
          |   |-libpsmfplayer.prx
          |   |  
          |   |-libsecure.prx
          |   | 
          |   |-psmf.prx
          |   |  
          |   |-psnet_ap_dialog_dummy.prx
          |   |
          |   |-comic name dir/
          |   |   |
          |   |   |-templates/
          |   |   |   |
          |   |   |   |-page1layout.xml, page2layout.xml, ...
          |   |   |
          |   |   |-_default_white_bg.jpg
          |   |   |
          |   |   |-001.PNG, 002.PNG, ...
          |   |   |
          |   |   |-AppTemplate.xml
          |   |   |
          |   |   |-packageInfo.xml
          |   |   |
          |   |   |-page00000001.xml, page00000002.xml, ...
          |   |
          |   |-background.jpg
          |   |     
          |   |-home_page.xml

Notes[edit source]

  • AppTemplate.xml: Contains application name of the app, font (size, type, style ...), buttonMap (L2/R2 included and related status), ...
  • config.txt: home page URL, umd and ms root directory, ...
  • NTemplateMain.xml:

USRDIR[edit source]

USRDIR/font[edit source]

PGF is the font format used on the PSP.


USRDIR/images[edit source]

Images in game used for GUI.

USRDIR/module[edit source]

libfont.prx, libmp3.prx, libsmfplayer.prx...

USRDIR/packages[edit source]

  • background.jpg
  • home_page.xml
USRDIR/packages/comic name/[edit source]
  • _default_white_bg.jpg: used when the 0xx.PNG is not loaded properly (generic image used in other psp comic?)
  • 001.PNG, 002.PNG, ...: are images specific to the comic book.
  • AppTemplate.xml: Contains application name of the comic, font (size, type, style ...), buttonMap (L2/R2 included and related status), ...
  • packageInfo.xml: Contains Application Id, Name,...and Package Id
  • page00000001.xml, page00000002.xml, ... :
USRDIR/packages/comic name/template[edit source]
  • page1layout.xml, page2layout.xml, p3layout.xml ...: Contains buttons assigned