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Known existing Product platform, but unknown Product Code value:

  • AV Testing Tool (hardware unit like Retail/CEX and Debug/DEX, but without games options, only BD movie)
The PlayStation 3 AV Testing Tool hardware is available for companies to purchase to test BD movie discs on PS3 before replication and development for advanced features on the Blu-ray Disc format.
The hardware currently supports the following features with additional features in development:
  • Capability to play BD-ROM master images on BD-R/RE
  • Region changing capability (supports changing between BD region A/B/C)
  • Switching HDCP On/Off
quoted from
  • Maybe Product Codes 0x81E and 0x81F, because they're unoccupied.

Are you sure about Product Code 0x80 being actually used? As far as I know AV TEST Tool just uses Product Code 0x82. Tthe firmwares I have for it install and work fine on Product Code 0x82. - Mathieulh