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The Product Code is an identifier that determines the type and region of the console. Temporary name was "Target ID".

Known Product Codes[edit | edit source]

The Product Code is stored at 5th and 6th bytes of IDPS. It can be found in EID0 and EID5. See Flash, More System Information, and SKU Regioning.

Product Code Console Type Target name Region PS3 model name examples
Code Suffix Description
0x80  NOT IN USE  N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
0x81  TOOL  Reference Tool DevelopmentTool N/A 00 Worldwide DECR-xx00
 SD  System Debugger (Special Reference Tool) DEH-Zxx00, see Prototype model names
0x82  DEX  Debug DEX-ww N/A 00 Worldwide DECH-xx00 (Fat, Slim and Superslim)
 DTCP-IP  DTCP-IP Debugger dtcpipdevdex
 AV TEST  AV Tool qabdp DECH-Sxx00 (Fat, Slim and Superslim)
0x83  CEX  Retail
 SHOP  Kiosk
J1 00 Japan CECHx00 (Fat) or CECH-xx00 (Slim and Superslim)
0x84 UC2 01 USA CECHx01 (Fat) or CECH-xx01 (Slim and Superslim)
0x85 CEL 04 Europe CECHx04 (Fat) or CECH-xx04 (Slim and Superslim)
0x86 KR2 05 Korea CECHx05 (Fat) or CECH-xx05 (Slim and Superslim)
0x87 CEK 03 United Kingdom CECHx03 (Fat) or CECH-xx03 (Slim and Superslim)
0x88 MX2 11 Mexico CECHx11 (Fat) or CECH-xx11 (Slim and Superslim)
0x89 AU3 02 Australia & New Zealand CECHx02 (Fat) or CECH-xx02 (Slim and Superslim)
0x8A E12 06 South Asia CECHx06 (Fat) or CECH-xx06 (Slim and Superslim)
0x8B TW1 07 Taiwan CECHx07 (Fat) or CECH-xx07 (Slim and Superslim)
0x8C RU3 08 Russia CECHx08 (Fat) or CECH-xx08 (Slim and Superslim)
0x8D CN9 09 China Unreleased
0x8E HK5 12 Hong Kong CECHx12 (Fat) or CECH-xx12 (Slim and Superslim)
0x8F BR2 14 Brazil CECHx14 (Fat) or CECH-xx14 (Slim and Superslim)
0xA0  ARC  Arcade ARC N/A 00 Worldwide GECR-xx00
  • A list with the region Code/ID's can be seen on /dev_flash/vsh/module/sysconf_plugin.sprx and seems to be simular to PSP
  • There is no Product Code, no IDPS nor EID on  CEB  units
  • Not in this table:  PROTO  Prototype (mostly  TOOL  or  SD  themselves). As example CBEH-xxxx (Retail Prototype), DEH-Rxx00 (Reference Tool Prototype)