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[edit] Template documentation

Preamble[edit source]

This template is based on m:Template:for (backlinks, edit). The template name was changed because there already isTemplate:for (backlinks, edit) with a different purpose.

See alsoTemplate:loop (backlinks, edit).

m:Template:for (backlinks, edit)

UsesTemplate:for/aux (backlinks, edit).

Description[edit source]

The template calls a specified template up to 150 times, where one parameter takes each of a list of values; in addition to the variable parameter, for up to 5 parameters a fixed value can be specified.

Usage[edit source]

{{for loop
  |call=template to call
  |what to separate the entries with (unnamed parameter; required, but can be the empty string)
  |pc1n=name of first parameter with constant value 
  |pc1v=first constant value
  |pc2n=name of second parameter with constant value
  |pc2v=second constant value
  |pc3n=name of third parameter with constant value
  |pc3v=third constant value
  |pc4n=name of fourth parameter with constant value
  |pc4v=fourth constant value
  |pv=name of variable parameter
  |prefix=constant first part of the value of pv
  |postfix=constant last part of the value of pv
  |list of 1 to 150 parameter values (without prefixes and postfixes), with separator "|"
     (empty parameter values work in the regular way, they are ''not'' ignored like undefined ones)


The separator is unnamed, allowing it to start and/or end with newlines and spaces. This parameter should be put before the list. If a parameter value in the list contains an equals sign the list should use named parameters, at least from that point, where it should be noted that e.g. the third item in the list is parameter 4, because parameter 1 is the separator. If the separator contains an equals sign it is similarly prefixed with "1=", but in that case it cannot contain newlines and spaces at the start and end.

Changes from old preprocessor[edit source]

To make a previous call to "for loop" work with the new preprocessor:

  • replace pc1=X=Y with pc1n=X | pc1v=Y, etc.
  • use an unnamed parameter for the separator; if empty, just enter an extra "|"

Examples[edit source]

Substitution[edit source]

For successive levels of substitution use one or more or the following (the first, the first two, the first three, the first four, or all)

If at least the first four are applied, and the separator contains {{!}}, one can replace it with {{subst:!}} to substitute that too.

For full substitution Special:ExpandTemplates can also be used.

Old version[edit source]

Note that formerly this template had a named separator parameter sep.

{{for/aux5}} may not have been adapted to the new preprocessor yet.

See also[edit source]