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[edit] Template documentation

Usage[edit source]

{{{Simple recursion|left repeated text|non-repeated text|right repeated text|depth}}

Example[edit source]

  • "{{Simple recursion|a|b|c|4}}" gives "aaaabcccc"
  • "{{Simple recursion|f( |f(x) + g|) + g|7}}" gives "f( f( f( f( f( f( f(f(x) + g) + g) + g) + g) + g) + g) + g) + g"
  • "{{math|[[Golden ratio|<var>φ</var>]] &asymp; {{#expr: {{Simple recursion|(|1|)^-1+1|35}}}}}}" gives "φExpression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "["." (iterative method, finding the largest of the solutions to <math>\varphi^{-1} = \varphi - 1</math>)

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