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Only used by Nonretail, not to be confused with the Activation Disc for Retail consoles that Sony Consumer Services sends via regular mail on phone-requests for people without internet.

Activation expires in 90 days, reducing several development functions of a TestKit/DevKit

File is generated on request by Sony and tied to console internal serial

The activation key is a xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx string (where x = hexadecimal)

If the Activation Key was expired, the PS4 shows the following (Error) Message on the Main Menu: "This Development Kit is Expired. See DEVKIT_Activation-Users_Guide."

Sony uses only one Activation Keys, its for the Device itself

Neighborhood for PS4, does not require any activation like the rumors and previous edit says. But an unactivated PS4 can't run fselfs.