File System Driver

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Dokan Library - File System Driver

Additional Driver which allows to map a connected Target (in terms of a Nonretail PS4) on a PC through the Windows Explorer (similar to the same Map Filesystem function on ProDG PS3 Target Manager).

Options available:

  • Specify a Drive letter (Standard letter = O:\ (for Orbis? - If several Targets were connected, every Target will be available under one Drive letter only)
  • Displaying Targets (by IP address / hostname (Standard) or by Name)
  • Unmap the current mapped drive (a Drive letter (O:\) is already displayed after Installation, even when they are no Targets available)

Software has his own modifications made by SCE, which is based on the dokan software developed by Hiroki Asakawa (both the modification and the original software itself were released under the LGPL).