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Seen at CUH-10xxA,CUH-10xxB and CUH-12xxB models. Pin-compatible with KEM-496AAA.

CUH2115 1tb call of duty slim confirmed to have KEM496AAA, and is compatible with the laser assy of KEM490A. meaning it is confirmed that an KEM490A laser assy can be installed into the KEM469AAA drive housing with no modification, and by using the ribbon cables of the KEM496AAA. HOWEVER THIS DOES NOT WORK THE OTHER WAY AROUND WITHOUT MAKING MODIFICATIONS TO THE DRIVE FOR FIT.

KEM490A can be put into KEM496AAA's drive housing, using the ribbon cables for the 21xx slim ps4 being the only requirement. this procedure does not work the other way around without making modificaton to the housing.

this has been confirmed by:Stinger101, repaired almost fried out 496aaa with a fat model 490a laser carriage assy, fat ps4 needs reball had a had a working 490a drive i  it, being pin compatible i got curious, and this 2115b was given to me see what i could do if anything, it worked all except reading any discs period, Reads every game and dvd i thrown in it so far hope this helps everyone who has a similar problem with their model 2115b slim ps4 and the 490a laser assy happen to be cheaper than the 496aaa replacement by all means buy the 490a if your laser carriage is the reason for not reading, burnt laser etc, 490a works and is plug n play, works great.