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There are a total of 256 Dipswitches, labeled from 0 to 255. Here, they will be described

Dipsw Table[edit | edit source]

Number Description Used In
0x00 IsDevelopmentMode libSceDipsw.sprx
0x01 ???? orbis_setip.elf
0x02 IsAssistMode libSceDipsw.sprx
0x10 MemMode? SceShellCore.elf
0x11 MemMode? SceShellCore.elf
0x18 IsDisableRazor libSceDipsw.sprx, avbase.elf
0x1E ???? libSceDipsw.sprx
0x38 IsLimitKeepProcess SceShellCore.elf
0x39 Coredump debug? SceSysCore.elf
0x3C ???? SceShellCore.elf
0x40 System CPU cores? SceSysCore.elf
0x41 System CPU cores? SceSysCore.elf
0x4C ???? SceSysCore.elf
0x5F ???? SceSysCore.elf
0x60 ???? SceSysCore.elf
0x61 ???? SceSysCore.elf
0x66 HasCp SceShellCore.elf
0x80 ???? SceShellCore.elf
0xFA ???? SceSysCore.elf
0xFB ???? SceSysCore.elf