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The PS4 has many kernel devices. Below is a list of the known ones.

Module name Accessible? Description Notes
gc Yes ?GPU/Graphics? ?Controller/Core? could be also graphics core (from )
dce ? Display Controller Engine -
hmd ? Head-mounted Display Morpheus.
mas ? ?Mass Storage? -
bt ? Bluetooth -
sdma ? (GPU) System DMA Kernel -
hdmi ? HDMI -
s3da ?System? 3D Acceleration Probably related to 3D Acceleration. See Marcan's slides about PS4 GPU Linux driver.
dbggc Yes Debug ?GPU/Graphics? ?Controller/Core? -
ctrlp ? Control ?Process? Like on PS Vita DevKit.
camera Yes Camera (PlayStation) Camera module
wlan ? Wireless LAN -
wlanbt Wireless LAN Bluetooth - -
regmgr Yes Registry Manager -
vce ? Video Coding Engine -
hmddfu Yes Head-mounted Display Device Firmware Update Morpheus firmware updater
mbus ? ?Media/Memory/Management? Bus See libSceMbus.sprx.
uvd ? Unified Video Decoder GPKMD?
hid Yes Human Interface Device -
sbl Yes SBL Kernel module -
av_control ? Audio/Video Controller -
ipmimgr Yes IPMI Manager Used by ShellCore for tasks.
ajm Yes Audio Co-processor Job Manager -
sdbgp ? System Debug ?Process? Like on PS Vita DevKit.
audioout ? Audio Output -
screenshot ? Screenshot -
bluetooth_hid ? Bluetooth Human Interface Device -