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The Settings application (NPXS10015) lets you make and adjust all of the various settings on your system.

Flight Mode[edit | edit source]

   See Hidden Modes

System update[edit | edit source]

   Update Using Wi-Fi/Mobile Network
   Update by Connecting to a PS3™ System
   Update by Connecting to a PC

Network[edit | edit source]

   Wi-Fi Settings
   Mobile Network Settings
   Internet Connection Test
   Internet Connection Status

PSN[edit | edit source]

   Sign Up
   Sign In/Sign Out
   Account Information
   Automatic Update Settings
   Sub Account Management
   System Activation
   Privacy Settings

Devices[edit | edit source]

   Bluetooth® Devices
   External Keyboard

Notifications[edit | edit source]

   Enable Notification Alerts

Sound & Display[edit | edit source]

   System Music
   Mute Automatically

Theme & Background[edit | edit source]


Location Data[edit | edit source]

   Use Location Data

Security[edit | edit source]

   Screen Lock

Date & Time[edit | edit source]

   Date & Time Settings
   Time Zone
   Adjust Daylight Saving Automatically
   Date Format
   Time Format

Language[edit | edit source]

   See System & Input Languages

System[edit | edit source]

   System Information
   Auto-Start Settings
   Control with Buttons on PS Vita System
   USB Power Supply
   Error History
   Intellectual Property Notices
   Google Maps : Terms of Use

Format[edit | edit source]

   Restore Start Screen Image
   Clear Learning Dictionary
   Format Memory Card
   Restore Settings
   Restore the PS Vita System

Power Save Settings[edit | edit source]

   Enter Standby Mode Automatically
   Use Wi-Fi in Power Save Mode