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Within PS Vita / VitaTV generation[edit | edit source]

Things that Sony removed in the lifetime of the console

  • MLB 12 The Show (PSVita) decommisioned
  • PSM scoreboard service (June 30, 2014 external service removed, PSM applications that used it need to remove it and re-submitted)
  • YouTube application (download removed 28 jan 2015, support removed 20 april 2015)
  • All features of the Map application and some features of the Near applications will be removed on the upcoming (planned march 2015) firmware update
  • music streaming service "Music Unlimited" will close in all 19 countries on 29-03-2015.
  • [PlayStation Mobile] will cease distribution of content after July 15, 2015 and in-app purchases/re-download of purchased content will be discontinued after September 10, 2015 [1]

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