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VSH is the internal name used by Sony for the VShell aka VirtualShell. It then loads up the XMB you know. XrossMediaBar (XMB). This, is a userspace executable (vsh.self), loaded by lv2_kernel/sys_init_osd.

from here several other functions/syscalls to other modules are made, e.g. lv2 (SELF decryption), lv1 (Secure_RTC, Storage_Manager, Gelic_Device, BD_Drive) etc.

not much is documented (yet) about this module. Please fill in where possible.


possible arguments to pass when executing vsh.self:

  • --mode=gametool
  • --mode=gametool2
  • --arcade=true


Function 3.55 3.41 3.15 Notes
- - - - -
sub_308EE4 check_Is_Act_Dat_for_This_Acc_ID


Export Library Export NID Notes Usage
sys_io - - -
sys_fs - - -
sys_fs 0x18DD4604 cellFsOpen2 -
sys_fs_ps2disc 0x8160A811 switches /dev_ps2disc(1) mount?
sysConsoleId - -
sysConsoleId 0xF220F751 Get ConsoleID sysConsoleId_F220F751(int8_t* buff)
sysPrxForUser - -
sysPrxForUser 0x2E20EC1 Returns the address of the null byte terminator of the given string. const char* sysPrxForUser_2E20EC1(const char* s)
sysPrxForUser 0x24A1EA07 Creates a thread create_thread (sys_ppu_thread_t * thread_id,void(*entry)(uint64_t),uint64_t arg,int prio,size_t stacksize,uint64_t flags, const char *threadname)
vsh - -
vsh 0xF48562D cellSsAimIsCEX
vsh 0x145991B4 cellSsAimIsArcade
vsh 0x172B05CD update_mgr_write_eprom syscall
vsh 0x1B890AD2 update_mgr_get_token_seed syscall
vsh 0x1F80E287 cellSsAimIsTool
vsh 0x2C563C92 update_mgr_read_eprom syscall
vsh 0x3231E012 vtrm_Decrypt_Master syscall
vsh 0x349F1535 update_mgr_set_token syscall
vsh 0x3B4A1AC4 AIM GetDeviceId syscall
vsh 0x3F062337 AIM GetPsCode syscall
vsh 0xE44F29F4 cellFsUtilMount syscall
vsh 0xE7C34044 retrieves vsh memory container by "id" 0=game,1=app,2=debug,3=fg, 4=bg sys_memory_container_t vsh_E7C34044(int id)
vsh 0xE932A8C0 reboot and show minimum version
char can be "text whatever you like", no check etc.
int vsh_E932A8C0(char * )
vsh 0xFF4A1633 cellFsUtilMount syscall
vsh 0x7D73E7CD inflate_init
vsh 0x4DB8DD87 inflate_end
vsh 0x20215547 inflate_buffer
vsh 0x1C68CC75 inflate
sdk - -
sdk 0x6A4F5AF2 rsa sign 1024
sdk 0xEDCDED77 rsa sign 2048
sdk 0x19109EC7 rsa sign 512
sdk 0xE0E56430 rsa verify 512
sdk 0xEF9CE7C7 rsa verify 1024
sdk 0x1B5A0282 rsa verify 2048
sdk 0x5D81B912 sha256_init
sdk 0x5D87C513 sha256_update
sdk 0x5C48EDCD sha256_final
sdk 0xC7781115 sha256_buffer
sdk 0x7A95741 sha256_hmac_buffer
sdk 0x5D87C513 sha256_hmac_update
sdk 0xB80602D2 ecc_ec_dsa_verify
sdk 0x3C579B2B des encrypt ecb set key ?
sdk 0xBFC29929 des crypt ecb
sdk 0x9C15FD4F des encrypt ? (ecb)
sdk 0xC916193F des decrypt ecb set key ?
sdk 0x832304BC getBattery int sdk_832304BC(int portNo, uint16_t * status_level)
sdk 0x31BB1D05 getPower int sdk_31BB1D05(int portNo, uint16_t * status)
sdk 0x4AF81871 Disconnect GamePad int sdk_4AF81871(int portNo)
sdk 0xBAC90F2 avset_finish
sdk 0xFA304515 avset_finish
sdk 0x9E445E9F avset_finish
sdk 0x990D6A8D avset_acp_ctrl
sdk 0x7B4DEEAD avset_setaudiomute (1)
sdk 0x5C306D39 avset_setaudiomute (0)
sdk 0xEB4716D4 avset_setvideomute
sdk 0x60D34743 avset_setvideoformat
sdk 0x2140F339 avset_setbackendmute
sdk 0x16AA3407 avset_setvideopitch
sdk 0xFA45245D avset_setroute
sdk 0xE0B77114 avset_setvideomode (1)
sdk 0x6DFF610C avset_setvideomode (0)
sdk 0x61D5F528 avset_gethwconfig
sdk 0x677BC574 avset_getksv (0,0)
sdk 0x18E4FC82 avset_getksv
sdk 0x15D3C74C avset_sethdmimode
sdk 0x98146E83 avset_setaudioactive (0)
sdk 0xBA3FF070 avset_setaudioactive (1)
sdk 0xDF2DCF22 avset_audiomode (2)
sdk 0xF37209FA avset_audiomode (0)
sdk 0x26067778 avset_settvmute (1)
sdk 0x8EFAF138 avset_settvmute (0)
sdk 0x3543A1A2 avset_ytrapcontrol
sdk 0x3F9DC158 avset_portoption
sdk 0x1F6E56C3 avset_makeaudiochstat
sdk 0x2E09D1C4 avset_setmv
sdk 0xFF17D731 avset_addsigctrl (0)
sdk 0xA3ED6917 avset_addsigctrl (1)
sdk 0xDAF887EA avset_setccmulti
sdk 0xD449B80C avset_clrccfifo
sdk 0x8D74012D avset_audioctrlinfo
sdk 0xE508B17 avset_audioubinfo
sdk 0x915D28A3 avset_setcgmswss
sdk 0x55A1F3B9 avset_acp_packet (4)
sdk 0x5AC8605C avset_acp_packet (0xA)
sdk 0xD7A665F4 avset_cs_direct
sdk 0xA9009E9F avset_ctrlhdcpenc
sdk 0x509D1588 avset_get_cec_config
sdk 0xB5877BBF cellAvsetGetMonitorInformation int cellAvsetGetMonitorInformation ( uint8_t [0xCC], 0, 0xCC)
sdk 0x5FAFE92B cellCryptoPuSha1Hash int cellCryptoPuSha1Hash( uint8_t * out_sha1, uint8_t * in, uint32_t length)
sdk 0xFC096B9E AES_set_encrypt_key int (AES_KEY *aes_key, const unsigned char *user_key, const int bits); return: int round for bits or -1(error)
sdk 0xC02932C4 AES_set_decrypt_key int (AES_KEY *aes_key, const unsigned char *user_key, const int bits); return: int round for bits or -1(error)
sdk 0xBEFAD0E2 AES_encrypt void (unsigned char *out, const unsigned char *in, AES_KEY *aes_key, int round);
sdk 0x70C081A7 AES_decrypt void (unsigned char *out, const unsigned char *in, AES_KEY *aes_key, int round);
sdk 0x7B79B6C5 AesCbcCfb128Encrypt int (unsigned char *out, const unsigned char *in, int32_t length, const unsigned char *user_key, const int bits, unsigned char *iv); return: 0 (ok), -1 (key error), -2 (length error)
sdk 0xB45387CD AesCbcCfb128Decrypt int (unsigned char *out, const unsigned char *in, int32_t length, const unsigned char *user_key, const int bits, unsigned char *iv); return: 0 (ok), -1 (key error), -2 (length error)
sdk 0x55ACAB8A sha1_init
sdk 0x831E89EE sha1_update
sdk 0x3CABD075 sha1_final
sdk 0x4484A101 sha1_hmac_update
sdk 0x547B602C sha1_hmac_init
sdk 0x300B99F2 sha1_hmac_final
sdk 0x74A2A1FE sha1_hmac_buffer
sdk 0x68B630D5 aes_omac_mode1
sdk 0x4C751D97 unmap_port_from_pad int (int port_no, int pad_no), e.g. (0, 0) unmap first pad
sdk 0xCF03F47A map_port_to_pad int (int port_no, int pad_no), e.g. (2, 0) map first pad to port 3
sdk 0xA33FC21C unmap_port_from_keybord int (int port_no, int kb_no)
sdk 0x650A537E map_port_to_keybord int (int port_no, int kb_no)
sdk 0x2D3B4E2B unmap_port_from_mouse int (int port_no, int mouse_no)
sdk 0x5C06471E map_port_to_mouse int (int port_no, int mouse_no)
paf - -
paf 0x55F2C2A6 eject disc
paf 0xA65A3868 pafGuCgCreateShader
paf 0x3ADA193F AudioOutGetState
paf 0x538E485C AudioOutGetNumberOfDevice
paf 0x95748E9E AudioOutGetDeviceInfo
paf 0xBB04609B GetSparkInfo
paf 0x65BE85B3 _UnloadView _paf_65BE85B3(char * plugin_name,0,0)
paf 0x350B4536 Job_Start
paf 0xD385A4FC Job End?/Stop?/DeQueue?
paf 0xFE0C1F10 Job_Queue
paf 0xA1DC401 sets Interface from plugin uint32_t SetInterface(unknown, uint32_t identifier, void * ptr_structure)
paf 0x23AFB290 gets Interface from plugin, should allow calling its exports/funcs uint32_t plugin->GetInterface(uint32_t return from paf_F21655F3, uint32_t identifier)
paf 0x3A8454FC finds/gets Texture resource Example: out: uint32_t* texture, return from paf_F21655F3, "tex_notification_info"
paf 0x50CDB465 finds/gets Sound resource uint32_t paf_50CDB465(uint32_t plugin /*paf_F21655F3*/, const char* sound)
paf 0x3CEC3833 sets up a plugin widget ? (page_...)
paf 0x794CEACB finds widget in a plugin Example: plugin->FindWidget(return from paf_F21655F3, "page_autooff_guide")
paf 0x89B67B9C gets localized string text from plugin resource (Different strings are returned depending on the system language) Example: (w)char (paf_F21655F3("system_plugin"), "msg_signed_out")
paf 0xF21655F3 finds a loaded plugin uint32_t paf::View::Find(const char* plugin) Example: uint32_t paf::View::Find("system_plugin")
paf 0xCF068D31 load (optional on memcontainer) and start sprx void paf_CF068D31(int32_t* prx_struct, const char* path, int /*ignored*/, int /*0*/, (optional) const sys_memory_container_t *mem_container)
paf 0x2F5CEE6D stop and unload sprx void paf_2F5CEE6D(int32_t* prx_struct)
paf 0x546B3D02 returns "PhWidget" const char* paf_546B3D02()
paf 0x41BBFE5E returns "PhScene" const char* paf_41BBFE5E()
paf 0x10DEDCC7 returns "PhPlane" const char* paf_10DEDCC7()
paf 0xE36C18F5 returns "PhPlaneDiv" const char* paf_E36C18F5()
paf 0x24A5BD6B returns "PhButton" const char* paf_24A5BD6B()
paf 0xB7DFCE90 returns "PhText" const char* paf_B7DFCE90()
paf 0x9207F4 returns "PhScroll" const char* paf_9207F4()
paf 0xBA6D149A returns "PhLabelPrim" const char* paf_BA6D149A()
paf 0xC88CA4B2 returns "PhLevelMeter" const char* paf_C88CA4B2()
paf 0xE801C345 returns "PhProgress" const char* paf_E801C345()
paf 0xBF66BF2D returns "PhCheckBox" const char* paf_BF66BF2D()
paf 0x703117AD returns "PhXmBar" const char* paf_703117AD()
paf 0x4FF7B8A9 returns "PhXmList" const char* paf_4FF7B8A9()
paf 0xC84FD77B returns "PhXmItem" const char* paf_C84FD77B()
paf 0x4C36ABBB returns "PhItemSpin" const char* paf_4C36ABBB()
paf 0xCA9160F6 returns "PhNumSpin" const char* paf_CA9160F6()
paf 0x59A11C82 returns "PhNumSpin" const char* paf_59A11C82()
paf 0xD64EDE7C returns "PhList" const char* paf_D64EDE7C()
paf 0xF7630798 returns "PhInfoList" const char* paf_F7630798()
paf 0xA98865F8 returns "PhMenuList" const char* paf_A98865F8()
paf 0x90F4F801 returns "PhCheckBoxList" const char* paf_90F4F801()
paf 0xDDD4ACF6 returns "PhLabelText" const char* paf_DDD4ACF6()
paf 0x545D47A2 returns "PhClock" const char* paf_545D47A2()
paf 0x3806365F returns "PhIPAddr" const char* paf_3806365F()
paf 0xB93AFE7E Play Resource Sound (located in .rco) void paf_B93AFE7E(uint32_t plugin, const char* sound, float, int)

Example: paf_B93AFE7E( paf_F21655F3("system_plugin"), "snd_trophy", 1, 0)

paf 0x11E195B3 Finds Resource Object (located in .rco) void* paf_11E195B3(uint32_t plugin, const char* object)

Example: paf_B93AFE7E( paf_F21655F3("system_plugin"), "page_notification")

paf 0xAF58E756 Gets the base of loaded plugins. The pointer returned is used in paf::View::Find to find plugins. void* paf_AF58E756()
paf 0x5F5DA385 Gets Dialog Size int paf_5F5DA385( uint16_t * size_width, uint16_t * size_height, int dialog_type)
vshcommon - -
vshcommon 0xABEB01DA PageCreates "page_pointcursor"
vshcommon 0xBB2EC9CD PageCloses "page_pointcursor"
vshcommon 0x7F5C551B System_plugin#1_Interface func 11 vshcommon_7F5C551B(int * texture_dialog, int* texture_dialog_shadow, wchar * infotext1, wchar * infotext2, int)
vshcommon 0x94F43BE7 System_plugin#1_Interface func 12 vshcommon_94F43BE7(uint8 )
vshcommon 0xF9E43DA2 returns localized string of "msg_ok"
vshcommon 0xCCD2C319 returns localized string of "msg_cancel"
vshcommon 0x746C5F88 returns localized string of "msg_option"
vshcommon 0xF995E53F returns localized string of "msg_back"
vshcommon 0x26F18EDF returns localized string of "msg_enter"
vshcommon 0xE9E8DA5 returns localized string of "msg_no"
vshcommon 0xB8E256D7 returns localized string of "msg_yes"
vshcommon 0x79A562D5 System_plugin#1_Interface func 25 circle_cross
vshcommon 0x75DC9C2D System_plugin#1_Interface func 26 cross_circle
vshcommon 0x60DEE5B3 System_plugin#1_Interface func 27 triangle
vshcommon 0xF7A67D49 System_plugin#1_Interface func 28 rectangle
vshcommon 0x2438F1A4 System_plugin#1_Interface func 21 - anim_cross_circle_show_hide
vshcommon 0x9BD8429E System_plugin#1_Interface func 22 - anim_cross_circle_show_hide
vshcommon 0xE011E7D0 System_plugin#1_Interface func 23 - anim_triangle_show_hide
vshcommon 0x73F85259 System_plugin#1_Interface func 24 - anim_rectangle_show_hide vshcommon_73F85259(uint8 )
vshcommon 0x16106ACD returns "impose_plugin" interface 1 uint vshcommon_16106ACD()
vshcommon 0x8B2110D5 reads boot_history.dat
vshcommon 0x9A43140 adds info to /pushlist/patch.dat
vshcommon 0x9EA67737 vsh::ws_boot_history::Set() { uint8 type, char TitleId [0x1F] }
titleid to boot_history.dat (creates if not present)
vshcommon 0xCC2C67F2 reads /pushlist/patch.dat vshcommon_CC2C67F2(int* count,uint8_t buf[0x680])
vshcommon 0xA20E43DB Displays a notification in XMB with texture void(*vshcommon_A20E43DB)(int32_t, const char* eventName, int32_t, int32_t* texture, int32_t*, const char*, const char*, float, const wchar_t* text, int32_t, int32_t, int32_t);

int dummy = 0; vshcommon_A20E43DB(0, const char* eventName, int32_t, int32_t* texture /*paf_3A8454FC*/, &dummy, "", "", 0f, L"notification", 0, 0, 0)

x3 - -
x3 0x16FA740A xCore_GetInterface() uint32_t* interface xCore_GetInterface()
x3 0x11409ED3 xRegistryGetDefaultInstance int xRegistryGetDefaultInstance (1, &handle)
x3 0x9C246A91 xBDVDGetInstance
x3 0xCB1D791D Obtains SS Key
x3 0xECACA8AD xRegistry SetValue Example: int SetValue(handle, "/setting/categoryVersion", 0,0,0)
mms_db 0x8EC9A2A7 xCB_Interface::GetInterface
vshnet - -
vshnet 0x59106229 overrides regular update.txt url int vshnet_59106229_setUpdateUrl( char * url )
vshnet 0xEBEA23A1 sceNetHttpXmlConsoleInfoBitOpe
vshnet 0xC1BC3E57 sceNpUpdateClockAbort
vshnet 0x89801F5D sceNpC7yTusDestroyTransaction
vshnet 0xE806058 sceNpC7yTusCreateTransaction
vshnet 0xE2201D8B sceNpC7yTusEnd
vshnet 0xF9884100 sceNpC7yTusInit
vshnet 0x122AF93C sceNPC7yLookupTssImageResult
vshnet 0x9012A265 sceNpC7yLookupTssImageRequest?
vshnet 0xEEF8AC4B sceNpC7yLookupAvatarImageResult?
vshnet 0x11823D97 sceNpC7yLookupAvatarImageRequest?
vshnet 0xF4F94F46 sceNpC7yLookupUserProfileResult?
vshnet 0x3F680668 sceNpC7yLookupUserProfileRequest?
vshnet 0x9EA2D869 sceNpC7yLookupNpIdResult?
vshnet 0xF7A88701 sceNpC7yLookupNpIdRequest?
vshnet 0xEC969F67 sceNpC7yLookupDestroyTransaction?
vshnet 0x8BD9F160 sceNpCc7yLookupCreateTransaction?
vshnet 0xB45F6C17 sceNpC7yLookupAbort? int sceNpC7yLookupAbort( transid)
vshnet 0x66EA9546 sceNpC7yLookupInit?
vshnet 0xF02E64BF sceNpC7yLookupEnd?
vshnet 0xD79D5840 sceNpC7yScoreGetGameDataResult?
vshnet 0xF5FBFB50 sceNpC7yScoreGetGameDataRequest?
vshnet 0xF67C877 sceNpC7yScoreRecordGameDataRequest?
vshnet 0x250E633D sceNpC7yScoreRecordScoreResult? int sceNpC7yScoreRecordScoreResult( int transid, int * RankNumber )
vshnet 0x42332FFA sceNpC7yScoreGetBoardInfoResult? int sceNpC7yScoreGetBoardInfoResult (int transid, uint8_t ScoreBoardInfo [ ])
vshnet 0xFC015E62 sceNpC7yScoreGetBoardInfoRequest? int sceNpC7yScoreGetBoardInfoRequest( int transid, uint8_t SelfNpId [ ], uint8_t TitleId [0xC], int ScoreBoardId )
vshnet 0xCC014646 sceNpC7yScoreDestroyTransaction? int sceNpC7yScoreDestroyTransaction (int transid )
vshnet 0x372E972A sceNpC7yScoreFreeTransactionResource? int sceNpC7yScoreFreeTransactionResource ( int transid )
vshnet 0xDF1FF79F sceNpC7yScoreCreateTransaction? int sceNpC7yScoreCreateTransaction(uint8_t psHandle[0x14], uint8_t ScorePassphrase [0x80] )
vshnet 0x3F59F7B6 sceNpC7yScoreAbort? int sceNpC7yScoreAbort ( int transid)
vshnet 0x71DF362C sceNpC7yScoreEnd? int sceNpC7yScoreEnd()
vshnet 0x56779FBD sceNpC7yScoreInit? / SceNpRankingVshInit? int sceNpC7yScoreInit(void * callback, uint8_t np_debug_flag)
vshnet 0xCF725EB1 sceNpInstallerRegetSigninTicket int sceNpInstallerRegetSigninTicket (0)
vshnet 0x7084A801 sceNpCommerceSetDataFlagFinish int sceNpCommerceSetDataFlagFinish ( int req_id )
vshnet 0x572A4D1D sceNpSommerceSetDataFlagStart int sceNpSommerceSetDataFlagStart ( ctx_id, licensee_id, dataflagContainer, dataflag_num, * req_id )
vshnet 0xFF500259 sceNpCommerceGetDataFlagFinish int sceNpCommerceGetDataFlagFinish ( int req_id )
vshnet 0x15910AE7 sceNpCommerceGetDataFlagState int sceNpCommerceGetDataFlagState ( int req_id, dataflagContainer, dataflag_num )
vshnet 0x13D56523 sceNpCommerceGetDataFlagAbort int sceNpCommerceGetDataFlagAbort ( int req_id )
vshnet 0x854FE623 sceNpCommerceGetDataFlagStart int sceNpCommerceGetDataFlagStart ( ctx_id, licensee_id, dataflag [0x10] , dataflag_num, * req_id )
vshnet 0xE2A0CB65 sceNpCommerceGetProductCategoryResult int sceNpCommerceGetProductCategoryResult ( int req_id, uint8_t result_buf_size [0x10] )
vshnet 0xE84BBCAF sceNpCommerceGetProductCategoryFinish int sceNpCommerceGetProductCategoryFinish ( int req_id )
vshnet 0xD297EF28 sceNpCommerceGetProductCategoryAbort int sceNpCommerceGetProductCategoryAbort ( int req_id )
vshnet 0x3E20181D sceNpCommerceGetProductCategoryStart int sceNpCommerceGetProductCategoryStart ( int ctx_id, int category_id, int lang_code, int * req_id )
vshnet 0x2A4C99A6 sceNpCommerceDestroyCtx int sceNpCommerceDestroyCtx (ctx_id)
vshnet 0x98340E57 sceNpCommerceCreateCtx int sceNpCommerceCreateCtx ( int version, uint8_t npId[0x24], void * callback, int * arg,int * ctx_id, int (1) )
vshnet 0x594266BE sceNpBasicGetInitialPresence
vshnet 0xEF85527 sceNpSignalingAddExtendedHandler int sceNpSignalingAddExtendedHandler (ctx_id, 1)
vshnet 0xFC663F7F sceNpSignalingGetPeerNetInfoResult int sceNpSignalingGetPeerNetInfoResult ( ctx_id, req_id, uint8_t netinfo[0x1C], 1)
vshnet 0x2B2E098F sceNpSignalingGetLocalNetInfo int sceNpSignalingGetLocalNetInfo ( ctx_id, uint8_t netinfo[0x1C], 1)
vshnet 0xE5CBDF3D sceNpSignalingGetConnectionInfo int sceNpSignalingGetConnectionInfo ( ctx_id, conn_id, code, * rtt/bandwith/addr/port/packet_loss, 1 )
vshnet 0x995D1D2F sceNpSignalingGetConnectionStatus int sceNpSignalingGetConnectionStatus ( ctx_id, conn_id, int * conn_status,int * peer_addr,uint16_t * peer_port, 1 )
vshnet 0x158032C9 sceNpSignalingDestroyCtx int sceNpSignalingDestroyCtx ( ctx_id, 1)
vshnet 0x8478A915 sceNpMatchingGetRoomMemberListLocal int sceNpMatchingGetRoomMemberList ( ctx_id, uint8_t opt[0x1C], int * size, uint8_t roomStatus[ ], int (1) )
vshnet 0x3139980 sceNpMatchingGetRoomMemberList int sceNpMatchingGetRoomMemberList ( ctx_id, uint8_t opt[0x1C], req_id, int (1) )
vshnet 0x24B26C3F sceNpMatchingLeaveRoom int sceNpMatchingLeaveRoom ( ctx_id, uint8_t opt[0x1C], req_id, int (1) )
vshnet 0x14211FB9 sceNpMatchingDestroyCtx int sceNpMatchingDestroyCtx ( ctx_id, 1 )
vshnet 0x4C9F0992 sceNpManagerGetPsHandle int sceNpManagerGetPsHandle ( int (0), uint8_t psHandle[0x14]
vshnet 0x4E276F38 sceNpManagerGetSubjectRegion int sceNpManagerGetSubjectRegion ( int (0), uint8_t subjectRegion[4]
vshnet 0x58AB86D8 sceNpManagerGetSubjectStatus int sceNpManagerGetSubjectStatus ( int (0), uint8_t subjectStatus[4]
vshnet 0x7A9421D8 sceNpManagerGetStatusDuration int sceNpManagerGetStatusDuration ( int (0), uint64_t * statusDuration
vshnet 0x4216DF9F sceNpManagerRegisterCallbackExt int sceNpManagerRegisterCallbackExt ( void * callback, void * arg)
vshnet 0x572FFDFB sceNpManagerGetSubHandle int sceNpManagerGetSubHandle (int (0), uint8_t subHandle[0x34])
vshnet 0x2C393B42 sceNpManagerUnregisterCallbackExt int sceNpManagerUnregisterCallbackExt ()
vshnet 0x4DD12D0C sceNpManagerGetUserIconURL int sceNpManagerGetUserIconURL ( int (0), uint8_t icon[0x80] )
vshnet 0x99666F31 sceNpManagerGetEnvnamae int sceNpManagerGetEnvnamae ( uint8_t envname[0x0F] )
vshnet 0x319E53BD sceNpManagerLoadCachedInfo int sceNpManagerLoadCachedInfo ( int userId, uint8_t cachedInfo[0xF8] )
vshnet 0x9EF14F7C sceNpManagerIsPlus int attr_is_plus sceNpManagerIsPlus ( int (0) )
vshnet 0xC3417866 sceNpManagerGetTicketParam
vshnet 0x788759C6 sceNpManagerGetSigninTicket sceNpManagerGetSigninTicket ( int (0), uint8_t signinTicketData[], int * signinTicketSize
vshnet 0x1FA25660 sceNpManagerSubSignout int sceNpManagerSubSignout (int (0), uint8_t npId [0x24]
vshnet 0xB79B2FE0 sceNpManagerGetNetworkTime int sceNpManagerGetNetworkTime (int (0), uint8_t casualClock[8])
vshnet 0xFACC5962 sceNpManagerGetMyLanguages int sceNpManagerGetMyLanguages (int (0), uint8_t myLang[0x10]
vshnet 0xFC7303C5 sceNpManagerGetNpId int sceNpManagerGetNpId ( int (0), uint8_t npId[0x24]
vshnet 0x1D555F5F sceNpUpdateClockStart
vshnet 0x50EE5602 gets updatelist txt and compares version
vshnet 0x731E546F prints Firmware version ("%02d.%02d) int vshnet_731E546F(out: const char*)
vshnet 0xEBEA23A1 sceNetHttpXmlConsoleInfoBitOpe int sceNetHttpXmlConsoleInfoBitOpe(0x190, xml?,1,1)
vshnet 0xA5E88D4E checks if hdd has been replaced
vshmain - -
vshmain 0x4F99DA2B with 1 and 8 you can lock "settings" column items vshmain_4F99DA2B(int)
vshmain 0x905D36E1 load "autodownload_plugin" vshmain_905D36E1(int load_mode, void * callback?)
vshmain 0x5F95D6F5 rtc alarm shutdown/stop int vshmain_5F95D6F5(char * app_id)
vshmain 0xF078B063 avset_cec_control (0)
vshmain 0x624D3AE returns game process id
vshmain 0xF32CEC81 loadRegistryNetautoDlFlag int loadRegistryNetautoDlFlag ( void )
vshmain 0xB84B751A saveRegistryNetautoDlFlag saveRegistryNetautoDlFlag ( uint8 )
vshmain 0xAE35CF2D Executes Action based on Input (More Info: XMB Plugin XMM0 Interface 23)


int vshmain_AE35CF2D(char *, int value)
vshmain 0x85CB2261 sys_event_port_send using static sys_event_port_t int vshmain_85CB2261(uint64_t data1, uint64_t data2, uint64_t data3)
vshmain 0x71EC82E sys_event_port_send using static sys_event_port_t int vshmain_71EC82E(uint64_t data1, uint64_t data2, uint64_t data3)
vshmain 0xF3F75BE sysutil::BeginService
vshmain 0x505FA917 cxmlutil::GetFile int GetFile( const cxml::Element & elm, const char * attrname, cxml::File * file )
vshmain 0x79EFF338 cxml::File::GetAddr
vshmain 0xAFF2957B cxml::File::Load
vshmain 0xE04F6BC8 cxml::Element::NumAttribute
vshmain 0x54CC1C3F cxml::Element::GetFirstChild
vshmain 0xE7D9F074 cxml::Element::GetNextSibling
vshmain 0x7606AF6F VersionFile::Get
vshmain 0x981D7E9F Gets ScreenShot Flag int vshmain_981D7E9F()
vshmain 0xD257CFF Get dev_type, port_num (pad id), intr_type vshmain_D257CFF(1, int * [3] {dev_type, port_num (pad id), intr_type} )
vshmain 0x6D5FC398 Begin InGame XMB int vshmain_6D5FC398(int dev_type, int port_num (pad id), int intr_type)
vshmain 0xA3E81C3B ViewLoad InGameXMB, loads up Ingame XMB int vshmain_A3E81C3B(-1,-1,0)
vshmain 0x5C3E01A1 End InGame XMB void vshmain_5C3E01A1(void)
vshmain 0xD609A2F6 Login XMB void vshmain_D609A2F6(int user_id /*starting from 1*/, bool connected /*true if already in a session*/ )
vshmain 0xBC00D5EF cellSysutilSharedMemoryFree int vshmain_BC00D5EF(0 /*ignored*/, sys_addr_t start_addr, uint64_t mode /* 0x200 (unmap) or 0x400 (unmap and free) */)
vshmain 0x51E7CC21 cellSysutilSharedMemoryAlloc
vshmain 0x23DC28E8 cellSysutilEventPortSend int vshmain_23DC28E8(uint64_t data1, uint64_t data2, uint64_t data3, bool)
vshmain 0xCFAD36DE Creates a blank cxml document for VSH Service/Process Communication [[1]]. cxml::Document::Document()
vshmain 0x5EC145E2 Destroys a cxml document cxml::Document::~Document()
vshmain 0x7F4E4139 Clears a cxml document int cxml::Document::Document() (Constructor)
vshmain 0x2CD62587 Sets the header magic of a cxml Document int cxml::Document::SetHeaderMagic( const char buf[4] )

Example: cxml::Document doc; doc.SetHeaderMagic("NPTR");

vshmain 0x7907768A Gets the header magic of a cxml Document void cxml::Document::GetHeaderMagic( char buf[4] )

Example: char buf[4]; cxml::Document doc; doc.GetHeaderMagic(buf);

vshmain 0x6EEE1B61 cxml::Document::CreateFromBuffer int cxml::Document::CreateFromBuffer( const void * buf, unsigned int bufsize, AccessMode _access_mode )
vshmain 0x3848A5D4 cxml::Document::CreateFromFile int cxml::Document::CreateFromFile( int fd, AccessMode _access_mode )
vshmain 0x6BA1D72F Creates an element on a cxml document. int cxml::Document::CreateElement(const char* name, int attr_num, Element * element)

Example: cxml::Document doc; doc.CreateElement( "basicPresenceOffline", 0, element );

vshmain 0x4986187C cxmlutil::CheckElementName?
vshmain 0xBA7437D9 cxmlutil::GetIDRef
vshmain 0xE77FAFB5 cxmlutil::SetInt int cxmlutil::SetInt( const cxml::Element & elm, const char * attrname, int i )
vshmain 0x134034CE cxmlutil::GetInt
vshmain 0x6CE65E82 cxmlutil::GetID
vshmain 0xA971E5A3 cxmlutil::GetFloat
vshmain 0xFB1E70A0 cxmlutil::SetString int cxmlutil::SetString( const cxml::Element & elm, const char * attrname, const char * str )
vshmain 0xD80EA56E cxmlutil::GetFloatArray int cxmlutil::GetFloatArray(const cxml::Element& elm, const char* attrname, const float** f, unsigned int* num )
vshmain 0x633EDC2 cxmlutil::GetString int cxmlutil::GetString( const cxml::Element & elm, const char * attrname, const char ** str, unsigned int * len )
vshmain 0x6AF9FD89 cxmlutil::FindChildElement cxml::Element cxmlutil::FindChildElement(const cxml::Element& parent, const char* name, const char* idname, const char* idvalue)
vshmain 0x1C5F3492 Gets the attribute of a cxml element int cxml::Element::GetAttribute( const char * name, Attribute * attr )
vshmain 0x58B963E5 cxml::Element::AppendChild ? int cxml::Element::AppendChild( Element & child )
vshmain 0xB172E9CB cxml::Document::WriteToBuffer int cxml::Document::WriteToBuffer( void * buf, unsigned int bufsize )
vshmain 0x32EF17EE cxml::Document::WriteToFile int cxml::Document::WriteToFile( const char * filename )
vshmain 0xB401D9AD Gets the size of a cxml document int cxml::Document::GetSize()
vshmain 0xD03F99CF cxml::Attribute::GetFloatArray int cxml::Attribute::GetFloatArray( const float ** addr, unsigned int * num )
vshmain 0x3329CAAA cxml::Attribute::GetFloat
vshmain 0xD526FD70 cxml::Attribute::GetInt
vshmain 0x4D89A149 cxml::Attribute::GetFile int cxml::Attribute::GetFile(File * file)
vshmain 0xBCF4D026 Gets the name of an instance of cxml::Element const char * cxml::Element::GetName()
vshmain 0xA2720DF2 (write_packet)
vshtask - -
vshtask 0x0F80B71F auth_module, checks sprx SCE header int vshtask_F80B71F(char * path)
vshtask 0x668E3C94 some RTC Alarm Register int vshtask_668E3C94(char * app_id?, uint8_t [0x4C])
vshtask 0x166551C5 RTC Alarm Unregister int vshtask_166551C5(char * app_id)
vshtask 0x784023D0 RTC Alarm Get Status int vshtask_784023D0(uint8_t status[0x1D0])
vshtask 0xA02D46E7 Displays a notification in XMB int vshtask_A02D46E7(0 /*ignored*, "your text" ) -> calls vshcommon_A20E43DB with texture "tex_notification_info"
cellHttp - -
cellHttp 0x8FC281F7 cellHttpCookieFlush
cellHttp 0xDCDF003A cellHttpAuthCacheFlush
cellSsl 0x5D0928 SSLCERT_check_private_key
cellSsl 0x6C4900 cellSslCertGetNameEntryInfo
cellSsl 0x1D5F161 SSL_set_session
cellSsl 0x266A34C SSL_set_connect_state
cellSsl 0x2C73EB6 BIO_free
cellSsl 0x33C4905 cellSslCertGetRsaPublicKeyExponent
cellSsl 0x5319303 SSL_alert_desc_string_long
cellSsl 0x6BCC1DA R_time
cellSsl 0x6ECEF1C SSLCERT_get_subject_name
cellSsl 0x7296D93 SSL_CTX_use_PrivateKey
cellSsl 0x74CD5B5 SSL_CIPHER_get_id
cellSsl 0xD38E130 SSL_get_rbio
cellSsl 0xDBB3F51 SSL_clear
cellSsl 0x1650AEA4 cellSslEnd
cellSsl 0x186E96BC SSL_set_bio
cellSsl 0x19726757 SSL_peek
cellSsl 0x1B6643AC SSL_CTX_set_app_verify_cb
cellSsl 0x1BBADA6A _cellSslPemReadPrivateKey
cellSsl 0x1BE16005 EVP_PKEY_free
cellSsl 0x1CE88676 SSLCERT_NAME_ENTRY_get_info
cellSsl 0x1EA00DA8 SSL_CIPHER_get_name
cellSsl 0x203FBEA3 BIO_get_retry_reason
cellSsl 0x218B64DA cellSslCertGetNotAfter
cellSsl 0x23F0FD4E _cellSslIsInitd
cellSsl 0x24510989 ERR_func_error_string
cellSsl 0x2AA1F958 SSL_SESSION_free
cellSsl 0x2AFE36FF SSLCERT_OID_to_string
cellSsl 0x2E86164D _cellSslConvertCipherId
cellSsl 0x31D9BA8D cellSslCertGetNotBefore
cellSsl 0x32C61BDF cellSslCertGetSubjectName
cellSsl 0x365B24CE SSLCERT_get_notAfter
cellSsl 0x38D5898C SSL_CTX_ctrl
cellSsl 0x3A2A3CA5 BIO_get_cb_arg
cellSsl 0x3B159B19 BIO_printf
cellSsl 0x3D80F655 SSL_version
cellSsl 0x3FC3BBB1 ERR_error_string
cellSsl 0x4345A7C1 SSLCERT_get_notBefore
cellSsl 0x44567B8F ERR_clear_error
cellSsl 0x46714CE1 SSL_state
cellSsl 0x49033E54 BIO_new_socket
cellSsl 0x4C8B7E01 R_time_free
cellSsl 0x571AFACA cellSslCertificateLoader
cellSsl 0x5E9253CA cellSslCertGetMd5Fingerprint
cellSsl 0x60315DCA SSL_state_string_long
cellSsl 0x60A5D81F SSLCERT_from_binary
cellSsl 0x60ACD240 SSLCERT_get_basic_constraints_int
cellSsl 0x6BA92C44 SSL_CIPHER_description
cellSsl 0x6CCAAE48 SSLCERT_get_pubkey
cellSsl 0x766D3CA1 cellSslCertGetNameEntryCount
cellSsl 0x7B689EBC cellSslCertGetSerialNumber
cellSsl 0x7CC3DFE7 SSL_free
cellSsl 0x82054D11 _cellSslConvertSslVersion
cellSsl 0x8421B9C7 SSL_new
cellSsl 0x84E8B238 SSL_want
cellSsl 0x857024E6 SSL_CTX_set_options
cellSsl 0x86001386 R_time_import
cellSsl 0x89902D47 SSLCERT_NAME_get_entry
cellSsl 0x8C69D32B SSLv3_client_method
cellSsl 0x8E505175 cellSslCertGetRsaPublicKeyModulus
cellSsl 0x903F66EB SSL_CTX_set_verify_mode
cellSsl 0x90F2798C BIO_new_mem
cellSsl 0x92A76580 SSL_CTX_free
cellSsl 0x94671B4F SSL_CIPHER_get_version
cellSsl 0x96022EEF SSLCERT_NAME_cmp
cellSsl 0x9ADAE986 SSLCERT_NAME_get_entry_count
cellSsl 0x9BB876F4 SSL_CIPHER_get_bits
cellSsl 0x9E48E5DD SSL_shutdown
cellSsl 0x9F4BEB25 SSL_write
cellSsl 0x9FC527E3 SSL_get_version
cellSsl 0xA5DACF92 ERR_get_error
cellSsl 0xA7A0045A SSLCERT_get_issuer_name
cellSsl 0xAE6EB491 cellSslCertGetIssuerName
cellSsl 0xAF02E7DE _cellSslPemReadX509
cellSsl 0xB02A43BC SSLCERT_free
cellSsl 0xB4F4A829 SSL_CTX_new
cellSsl 0xB829398E R_time_new
cellSsl 0xC0C94A6C SSL_alert_type_string_long
cellSsl 0xC4C600F3 R_time_cmp
cellSsl 0xC5B5B2F3 BIO_ptr_ctrl
cellSsl 0xCB4EDAEC BER_read_item
cellSsl 0xD18B0627 BIO_set_cb_arg
cellSsl 0xD78744B4 TLSv1_client_method
cellSsl 0xDD6E2008 SSLCERT_get_extension
cellSsl 0xDE8CEF62 SSL_do_handshake
cellSsl 0xE34A25C8 SSL_get_error
cellSsl 0xE5073959 SSL_read
cellSsl 0xE55A4804 SSL_set_ssl_method
cellSsl 0xED5D8DD6 BIO_ctrl
cellSsl 0xF0B47A17 SSLCERT_NAME_oneline
cellSsl 0xF5313D34 ERR_peek_error
cellSsl 0xF798F853 SSLCERT_verify
cellSsl 0xF7D2C560 SSL_CTX_set_info_cb
cellSsl 0xF8206492 cellSslCertGetPublicKey
cellSsl 0xF8467DE2 SSL_get_current_cipher
cellSsl 0xFB02C9D2 cellSslInit
cellSsl 0xFE7AEFB7 SSL_CTX_use_certificate
cellSsl 0xFF8AC661 BIO_dump
cellSsl 0xFFC1A59A R_time_export

To help documenting offsets+exports, you can use this dumper tool for vsh (actually,no need to dump anymore).
here's a link to the fnids i've gathered from 0.85.007 <- https://mega.nz/#!UhFE0Lia!QxLubSAVo9UXjHF2BwakISgnLJlK7gME6bsXQJ_POMM

Memory Containers[edit]

Type/Id Name Size Usage
0 game dex: 426.770.432 / cex: 223.346.688 Bytes
1 app 223.346.688 Bytes
Spurs (Tiff, Png, Jpg)
fchk (libfs_utility2)
libsre libadec
xmb_plugin (XMB normal)
2 debug 203.423.744 Bytes
3 fg (foreground) 3.145.728 Bytes
User Information
fchk (libfs_utility2)
4 bg (background) 3.145.728 Bytes
music playback/decode
imejp (service type=1)

Loaded Views[edit]

These Views and prx files are loaded by default and are accessable without further loading, all others need to be loaded.

Regular XMB[edit]


InGame XMB[edit]




VSH Service Communication (CXML Header Magic)[edit]

PARA - System Parameters Utility
MSGD - Message Dialog Utility
NTCL - netcl Utility
SAVE - Save Data Utility (surf autosave) 
USRI - User Information Utility
GAME - Game Utility
GDAT - Game Data Utility
GDTL - (uses DGAM)
DGAM - Disc Game-Mode Utility
GEXE - Game Execution Utility
GPS1 - Game PS1 Rumble
OSKD - On Screen Keyboard Utility
NPMG - NP Manager Utility
NPMT - NP Matching Utility
NMT2 - NP Matching 2 Utility
NPSN - NP Signaling Utility
NPBA - NP Basic Utility
NPTR - NP Trophy
NPFL - NP Friendlist Utility
NPCU - NP Commerce Registration?
NPDR - NP DRM Utility
NPCM - NP Commerce Utility
NPC2 - NP (Ingame) Commerce 2 Utility
NPIN - NP Install (Commerce)
WBRW - WebBrowser Utility
SYSC - System (Device/Pad) Configuration
NPRA - NP Score/Ranking Utility
NPLU - NP LookUp
NPUS - NP User Storage
STDT - Storage Data Copy Utility
PHEX - Photo Export
PHE2 - Photo Export (Utility 2)
PHIM - Photo Import
PHDE - Photo Decode
BGDL - Background Download Service
IMEJ - Input Method Engine Japanese
MUSC - Music Playback
MUDE - Music Decode
VDPL - Video Player
DTCP - DTCP IP Service
DPSN - Decrypt PSN Video Service
SRCH - Search
PNSU - Photo Network Sharing
PRIN - Printer Utility
AVCH - Audio-Voice/Video Chat Utility
AVC2 - Audio-Voice/Video Chat Utility 2
RMTP - Remote Play
SUBD - SubDisplay Utility
RECO - Recording Utility
APNT - Access Point Utility
VDUP - Video Upload
GUPD - Game Upate Check
RTCA - RTC Alarm
SSHT - ScreenShot
ATHD - (Password) Authentication Dialog
COMB - Combo Playing(Cross Controller)
CHAT - System Chat
NSNS - NP Social Networking Services (Facebook Api)

Notification Window Textures[edit]

Notification Window Textures (inside dev_flash/vsh/resource/system_plugin.rco)

All the icons are 100x100 pixels size

  • tex_notification_caution
  • tex_notification_friend
  • tex_notification_headset
  • tex_notification_info
  • tex_notification_keypad
  • tex_notification_mediaserver
  • tex_notification_music
  • tex_notification_psbutton_insensitive
  • tex_notification_settings
  • tex_notification_trophy_bronze
  • tex_notification_trophy_gold
  • tex_notification_trophy_platinum
  • tex_notification_trophy_silver

The other texture used by notification window is the frame of the notification window itself (called "tex_notification" with a size of 64x64 pixels), this frame is scalated in width automatically by XMB (to make the frame fit the width of the text that is displayed inside the window), and is posible to reskin the frame using a Theme

  • Any texture from any plugin can be used actually. i.e.: tex_common_dialog. Would it be possible to create our own textures?
    • Sure, there is no security check over .RCO's (resource containers), what is not clear is if is posible to load a texture with a custom name from a .RCO with a custom name (e.g: tex_myicon from a file named: myresources.rco)... Initially .SPRX needs to be "indexed" by VSH to be available, and .RCO's are dependant of .SPRX... but in case of the resources is posible all are available --Sandungas (talk) 19:22, 20 May 2014 (EDT)

Display Buffers[edit]

VSH uses 2 of 8 available display buffers. Information about them can be aquired by vsh plugins using this code snippet: [[2]]
In FW 4.46 DEX the buffer info looks like this (for 1920x1080):

Type This
address: 0xdc80000
pitch: 0x2000
width: 0x780
height: 0x438
address: 0xe500000
pitch: 0x2000
width: 0x780
height: 0x438


VSH contains an array of structs which describes the xRegistry.sys. (More Information about its access Talk:VSH )

struct Setting_s
  int32_t index;
  const char* name;
  int32_t unk0;
  int8_t unk1;
     int32_t integer;
     const char* string;
  int32_t type;
  int32_t unk2;

The first element of this array describes the password setting. Use this script to label all of the settings. link

.long 1                 # index
.long aSettingParen_4   # name # "/setting/parental/passwordNumber"
.long 1                 # unk0
.byte 1                 # unk1
.byte 0, 0, 0
.long a0000_1           # default # "0000"
.long 4                 # type
.long 0x28              # unk2


Global Event Queue Id's:

Polling Service
CMND Service (Connect)

Title IDs[edit]

Clears a Memory Container in relation of this game and a camera (disables video chat etc.?)
BLUS20001 Ridge Racer 7
BCAS20001 Ridge Racer 7
BLJS10001 Ridge Racer 7
BCES00009 Ridge Racer 7
BCKS10001 Ridge Racer 7
Circumvents an AudioOut Setting that made the game freeze/black screen
BLUS30264 Afro Samurai 
BLES00516 Afro Samurai
NPUB90215 Afro Samurai (Demo)
BLJM60130 Street Fighter IV
BLUS30265 Street Fighter IV
BLES00481 Street Fighter IV
BCJB95006 Torne
NPIA00005 PlayStation Home
NPIA00010 PlayStation Home
NPEA00013 PlayStation Home
WebBrowser finalize executed without mutex/lock syncs
NPJB00001 Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
NPUB30009 Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
NPJB00023 Crystal Defenders 
NPUB30092 Crystal Defenders