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Platform ID (or is a hardware identifyer...

  • Dont confuse with other motherboard identifyers in cISD1 section as:
    • board_id is the serial number "printed" in the motherboard. In PS3's from euro region this same number is part of "PS3 serial" in the white sticker (e.g. SERIAL: xx-12345678-xxxxxx-CECH-xxxxX [1]). USA and other regions does not list it
    • kiban_id is the barcode "printed" in the motherboard

LV2 syscall: Get OS Version, Platform ID, and Build Number[edit]

#include <ppu-lv2.h>
s32 lv2_get_platform_info(uint8_t platform_info[0x18]){
	lv2syscall1(387, (uint64_t) info);

this is what you could get:



  • 0x030550 is the PS3 version also if spoofed to another FW
  • 0x40436f6b423130 converted to ascii is @CokB10 and that is the Platform ID
  • 0xb5ed is the Build Number also if spoofed to another FW

Example from decrypted lv0[edit]

Offset(h) 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F
000379C0  47 6E 6F 00 00 00 00 00 43 6F 6B 00 00 00 00 00  Gno.....Cok.....
000379D0  43 79 74 32 00 00 00 00 43 79 74 33 00 00 00 00  Cyt2....Cyt3....
000379E0  53 68 72 00 00 00 00 00 43 79 74 31 00 00 00 00  Shr.....Cyt1....
Shr = Shreck (shr =
Cyt1 = Cytology (cyt1 =, cyt2 =, cyt3 = 083.006)
Cok = Cookie (06-2E)
Gno = Gnome  (gno = 2.00)

See also: Prototypes

Examples documented by users[edit]

Model Motherboard speculation notes
DECR-1000 TMU-520 Cyt3.2
DECR-1400 DEB-001 Deb01
DEH-1000 COK-00x Cok14
DEH-1001 COK-00x Cok**
CECHAxx / CECHBxx COK-00x Cok14
CECHCxx / CECHExx COK-00x CokB10
CECHGxx SEM-00x CokC12
CECHHxx DIA-00x CokD**
CECHJxx / CECHKxx DIA-00x CokE10
CECHLxx / CECHMxx / CECHPxx / CECHQxx VER-00x CokF10 confirmed for CECHL00
CECH-20xx DYN-00x CokG11
CECH-21xx SUR-00x CokH11 CECH-2104A (date code 0B). FW-min 3.20
CECH-25xx JTP-00x CokJ13
CECH-25xx JSD-00x CokJ20 CECH-2501A FW-min 3.50
CECH-2501B FW-min 3.40
CECH-30xx KTE-00x
CECH-40xx MSX-00x
CECH-40xx MPX-00x
CECH-42xx NPX-00x
CECH-42xx PQX-00x
  • CECH-25xx models
    • CECH-2504B CokJ13 (euro date-code: 0C) (JTP-001)
    • CECH-2501A CokJ13 (usa manufactured: july 2010) (unknown motherboard)... note july 2010 (in usa format) corresponds to 0C (in euro format)
    • CECH-2504B CokJ20 (euro date-code: 0D) (unknown motherboard)

Help Request[edit]

Dump platform info (coded by "3141card" as a standalone function for documenting purposes)

  • How to use:
  1. Plug a storage device in usb0 (USB port closer to the Bluray drive)
  2. Install and boot the app... then the PS3 beeps 3 times... then the app automatically quits and returns to XMB (there is no display on screen, this is normal)
  3. A file with the name "platform_info.bin" is created in usb0
  4. Open this file in a hex editor, take note of the Cok*** (can be readed in ASCII in the hex editor)

Please report back your values by editing this page