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This would be a good place to place """LINKS""" to """LEGAL""" stuff precompiled,


  • graf_chokolo kernel
  • graf_chokolo tools
  • graf_chokolo scripts
  • ps3shutdown script
  • ps3reboot script
  • recovery_mode script
  • make_kboot script

Latest kmeaw stuff before git went down:

Korben @ irc://efnet/ps3linux

i've compiled a petitboot binary image, with GUI enabled, and some others tools included, if anyone want/can test it, here's link :
it is larger than 4MB, so you have to install it with a modified install_petitboot_on_vflash5
just change "0xc400ull" to "0xc000ull"

cookie42 @ irc://efnet/ps3linux

I've got another good kernel version I can give you if you want that?
Yup, newer than 8e49* revision, I just remembered it then. I never put it on psx-scene 

viewing debug network output with e.g. graf's payload:

You should run dbgcli on your PC on the same network as the PS3 to watch the debug output.