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Introduction[edit | edit source]

  • We use OpenWRT to build PS3 bootloader petitboot.

Building from trunk[edit | edit source]

GIT repos:


Linux 2.6[edit | edit source]

Linux 3.x[edit | edit source]

Images[edit | edit source]

  • Here are some precompiled petitboot images.
  • First test the new image with your old petitboot, just kexec openwrt-ps3-petitboot-vmlinux.elf.
# transfer openwrt-ps3-petitboot-vmlinux.elf to your current petitboot with scp or USB

kexec -l /root/openwrt-ps3-petitboot-vmlinux.elf
kexec -e
  • And if everything is fine then flash it with ps3-flash-util.
# transfer otheros.bin to your current petitboot with scp or USB

ps3-flash-util -w /root/otheros.bin

Huge[edit | edit source]

  • The image is very big but has lots of useful tools.
  • I use it on my PS3 SLim.
  • Linux 3.8.4 + all my new drivers and the latest OpenWRT trunk.
  • The only reason why it cannot be used on PS3 NAND is the size, nothing else.
  • DHCP is enabled for Ethernet.
  • WLAN is enabled too but you have to configure your SSID and PSK, see /etc/config/wireless.
  • petitboot-huge.tar.xz (Linux 3.3.8): (MD5 89417398f3281cd57a72c35397a2fb9b)
  • petitboot-huge.tar.xz (Linux 3.8.4): (MD5 ad5369a6a6633a77dec95247f246b07b)
  • petitboot-huge.tar.xz + USB fix (Linux 3.9-rc3): (MD5 8b2c9e4a4b03d355bb6d15c83f178ebe)

Tiny[edit | edit source]

  • The image is minimalistic.
  • It should be used on NAND because of small size.
  • It's tiny and doesn't have as many tools as the huge one but it still has everything you need.
  • Linux + all my new drivers and tools like ps3vuart-tools + ps3sed.
  • The image can be used on PS3 Slim or PS3 NOR too but the huge image is a better choice in these cases.
  • petitboot-tiny.tar.xz: (MD5 14968a06ecd305b6220782a82f97759b)

Useful Scripts[edit | edit source]

Create OtherOS++ HDD Region[edit | edit source]