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This template is used to produce a simple loop that can repeat up to 150 times. It is not a real loop; it works by conditionally repeating the string. It is a simple version of {{For loop}}.

To use it, enter:
{{loop|times to repeat|string}}

If string contains an equals sign, you must put "|2=string" instead of "|string".

Examples:[edit source]

  • {{loop|4|n}}

  • {{loop|25|test}}

  • {{#expr:2{{loop|50|*2}}}}
Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "[".

  • {{loop|9|2==}} (the "2=" must be present)

  • {{loop|3|{{CURRENTYEAR}}}}

  • "{{loop|[[:Template:Xpd/code]][[:Template:Xpd/code]][[:Template:Xpd/code]]|[[:Template:Xpd/code]][[:Template:Xpd/code]][[:Template:Xpd/code]]}}[[:Template:Xpd/code]][[:Template:Xpd/code]][[:Template:Xpd/code]][[:Template:Xpd/code]][[:Template:Xpd/code]][[:Template:Xpd/code]][[:Template:Xpd/code]][[:Template:Xpd/code]][[:Template:Xpd/code]]" gives "ababab" [1]

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