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= Syscon patches =
= Syscon patches =
These are in full Retail/CEX and Debug/DEX firmwares:
These patches are in full Retail/CEX and Debug/DEX firmwares. Are intended to fix some problem in the syscon firmware
*Firmware 1.30 (December 6, 2006) Disables UART access to the Syscon EEPROM patch region (not for 0832)
*Firmware 1.81 (June 15, 2007) Patch for the HDMI display data channel read function (only for 0B8E and 0C16)
*Firmware 3.00 (September 1, 2009) Unknown patch (only for 0832)
*Firmware 3.40 (June 29, 2010) Patch for the rtc read function (not for 0832)
*Firmware 3.41 (July 26, 2010) No patch added
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{| class="wikitable"
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This means from syscon perspective notible firmware changes where made at 1.30, 1.81, 3.00, 3.40 and 3.41 that affected retail and debug PS3 models
The screen [[More System Information]] allows to see some details related with syscon. The syscon firmware version can be derived from the SoftID, and additionally if there is a patch installed the PatchID displayed in the screen contains both, the syscon firmware version and the patch version. Note also that there is a direct relationship in between the PatchID displayed in the screen and the patch filename
*Firmware 1.30 (December 6, 2006) Disables UART access to the Syscon EEPROM patch region (not for 0832)
*Mullion names format
*Firmware 1.81 (June 15, 2007) Patch for the HDMI display data channel read function (only for 0B8E and 0C16)
**0B8E.0000000000000000@SC = syscon firmware version v1.0.0, not patched
*Firmware 3.00 (September 1, 2009) Unknown patch (only for 0832)
**0B8E.000'''1'''000'''0'''000'''0'''000'''6'''@SC = syscon firmware version v1.0.0, patch version v1.0.0.'''6''' (filename SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01000006.pkg)
*Firmware 3.40 (June 29, 2010) Patch for the rtc read function (not for 0832)
**0C16.0000000000000000@SC = syscon firmware version v1.1.3, not patched
*Firmware 3.41 (July 26, 2010) No patch added
**0C16.000'''1'''000'''1'''000'''3'''000'''3'''@SC = syscon firmware version v1.1.3, patch version v1.1.3.'''3''' (filename SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01010303.pkg)
*Sherwood names format
**0832.0000000000000000@SC = syscon firmware version v1.2.SoftID2 ?, not patched
Which syscon version and which patches are installed can be seen in [[More_System_Information]]
**0832.000'''1'''000'''2'''0'''83E'''0'''832'''@SC = syscon firmware version v1.2.SoftID2 ?, patch version v1.2.SoftID2.SoftID1 ? (filename SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_S1_00010002083E0'''832'''.pkg)
***Note the last '''0832''' in the filename and in the PatchID displayed in screen is the real softid (named SoftID1 in the line above), and the previous '''83E''' seems to be another softid (not much far away from the real one)
= Package structure =
= Package structure =

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The system controller firmware (also known as the syscon firmware) is the software stored inside syscon. Is composed by the base firmware (not updateable in retail syscon models) and a optional patch that is applyed virtually on runtime on top of the base firmware
The syscon update packages (also known as syscon patches) for retail PS3 models are distributed in PKG format inside the Update_files.tar of the PS3UPDAT.PUPs. Syscon patches appear to always be 5KB (5376 bytes) in size.

Update procedure

The PS3 firmware installer PUP's contains a collection of syscon patches for all the different syscon's chips used in the different motherboard models. The ps3swu.self (system updater) checks the syscon SoftID and installs the compatible patch accordingly (via updater manager ss service).
The non-retail PS3 models with syscon CXR713F120A don't have patches, this special syscon model with the "F" product code (that seems to indicate that is fully flasheable) allows to overwrite the base syscon firmware through the Communication Processor

Syscon firmwares

SoftID Firmware version Build target Build date Adds support for Platform IDs Corresponding SDK version Notes
- v0.4.5_b4 BACKUP 2005 (Cyt1.0), (Cyt1.1), (Cyt2.1), (Cok01) 0.40 Only used on the backup bank of flash models
06DA v0.6.1_c8 CYTOLOGY 2006/01/31 Cyt1.2, Cyt2.0, Cyt2.2, (Cok02), (Cok03) 0.80
073E v0.6.10_c4 CYTOLOGY 2006/03/01 (Cok05) 0.81
07FF v0.6.11_c4 CYTOLOGY 2006/03/27 Cyt3.0, Cyt3.1, Cyt3.2, (Cok08) 0.82
086C v0.6.12_c5 CYTOLOGY 2006/04/11 - 0.83
08F1 v0.6.12_c7 CYTOLOGY 2006/04/22 - 0.83
0955 v0.6.14_c4 CYTOLOGY 2006/05/01 - 0.84
0AF4 v0.8.4_c8 CYTOLOGY 2006/06/23 (Cok11) 0.85
0B48 v0.9.9_c1 CYTOLOGY 2006/07/07 Cyt3.3, Cyt3.4, (Cok12), (Cok13), (Cok14) 0.90
0B67 v0.9.13_k1 COOKIE 2006 - -
0B74 v0.9.14_c1 CYTOLOGY 2006/08/03 - 0.91
0B8E v1.0.0_k1 COOKIE (201) 2006 - -
0B9D v1.0.1_c1 CYTOLOGY 2006/08/31 - 0.93
0C16 v1.1.3_k1 COOKIE (202) 2006 CokB10 - not dumped yet
0C23 v1.0.3_c1 CYTOLOGY 2006/12/04 - 1.50
0D52 v1.2.3_k1 COOKIE (203) 2007 CokC10, CokC11, CokC12 - not dumped yet
0D79 v1.0.4_c1 CYTOLOGY 2007/06/21 - 1.90
0DBF v1.3.3_k1 COOKIE (301) 2007 CokD10 -
0E4E v1.0.4_c2 CYTOLOGY 2007/11/08 - 2.40
0E69 v1.4.4_k2 COOKIE (302) 2007 CokE10, Deb01 -
0F29 v1.5.0_k2 COOKIE (303) 2009 - - Removes hardcoding from previous firmware, adds support for 65nm RSX - not dumped yet
0F38 v1.5.1_k2 COOKIE (304) 2010 - - Adds support for 40nm RSX
0F3B v1.0.5_c1 CYTOLOGY 2010/05/12 - 3.60
SoftID Firmware version Build target Build date Adds support for Platform IDs Dumped?
0658 ??.?? - 2008 CokF10 NO
065D 00.17 SW-301 2008 - YES
???? ??.?? SW-302 2008 - NO
0832 01.11 SW2-301 2009 CokG10, CokG11 YES
08A0 ??.?? SW2-302 2009 CokH10, CokH11 NO
08C2 ??.?? SW2-303 2010 CokJ13, CokJ20 NO
0918 02.03 SW3-301 2011 CokK10 NO
098F ??.?? SW3-302 2012 CokM20, CokM40 NO
???? ??.?? SW3-303 2013 CokN10, CokN30 NO
???? ??.?? SW3-304 2013 - PARTIALLY

Syscon patches

These patches are in full Retail/CEX and Debug/DEX firmwares. Are intended to fix some problem in the syscon firmware

  • Firmware 1.30 (December 6, 2006) Disables UART access to the Syscon EEPROM patch region (not for 0832)
  • Firmware 1.81 (June 15, 2007) Patch for the HDMI display data channel read function (only for 0B8E and 0C16)
  • Firmware 3.00 (September 1, 2009) Unknown patch (only for 0832)
  • Firmware 3.40 (June 29, 2010) Patch for the rtc read function (not for 0832)
  • Firmware 3.41 (July 26, 2010) No patch added
SoftID sys_con_firmware package 1.00-1.30 1.30-1.80 1.81-2.80 3.00-3.30 3.40 3.41-4.75 Notes
0B8E SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01000004.pkg No Yes No No No No Superseded by SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01000005.pkg
SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01000005.pkg No No Yes Yes No No Superseded by SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01000006.pkg
SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01000006.pkg No No No No Yes Yes
0C16 SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01010302.pkg No No Yes Yes No No Superseded by SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01010303.pkg
SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01010303.pkg No No No No Yes Yes
0D52 SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01020302.pkg No No No No Yes Yes
0DBF SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01030302.pkg No No No No Yes Yes
0E69 SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01040402.pkg No No No No Yes Yes
0F29 SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01050002.pkg No No No No Yes Yes
0F38 SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01050101.pkg No No No No No Yes
0832 SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_S1_00010002083E0832.pkg No No No Yes Yes Yes

The screen More System Information allows to see some details related with syscon. The syscon firmware version can be derived from the SoftID, and additionally if there is a patch installed the PatchID displayed in the screen contains both, the syscon firmware version and the patch version. Note also that there is a direct relationship in between the PatchID displayed in the screen and the patch filename

  • Mullion names format
    • 0B8E.0000000000000000@SC = syscon firmware version v1.0.0, not patched
    • 0B8E.0001000000000006@SC = syscon firmware version v1.0.0, patch version v1.0.0.6 (filename SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01000006.pkg)
    • 0C16.0000000000000000@SC = syscon firmware version v1.1.3, not patched
    • 0C16.0001000100030003@SC = syscon firmware version v1.1.3, patch version v1.1.3.3 (filename SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01010303.pkg)
  • Sherwood names format
    • 0832.0000000000000000@SC = syscon firmware version v1.2.SoftID2 ?, not patched
    • 0832.00010002083E0832@SC = syscon firmware version v1.2.SoftID2 ?, patch version v1.2.SoftID2.SoftID1 ? (filename SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_S1_00010002083E0832.pkg)
      • Note the last 0832 in the filename and in the PatchID displayed in screen is the real softid (named SoftID1 in the line above), and the previous 83E seems to be another softid (not much far away from the real one)

Package structure

Sys_con_firmware Packages can be unpacked with unpkg. See PKG files and Certified File


Address Length Value Description
0x00 0x4 ASCI:"SCE" SCE magic header
0x04 0x4 0x2 Flags
0x08 0x4 0x3 Type (0x3 = PKG)
0x0C 0x4 0x0 Blank/Unknown
0x10 0x4 0x0 Blank/Unknown
0x10 0x8 0x280 Start Data Offset (hdr_len)
0x18 0x8 0x1080 Data Size (dec_size)
0x20 0x260 - Header
0x280 0x40 - info0 section (see below)
0x2C0 0x40 - info1 section (see below)
0x300 0x1000 - content section


Address Length Value Description
0x00 0x4 0x3
0x04 0x4 0x8
0x08 0x8 - SC firmware revision (the high word of it is the SC type)
0x0C 0x4 0x0B8E(1.30-4.84)
0x10 0x8 0x0001000000000004
0x18 0x8 0x1000 Content Data Size
0x20 0x8 0x1000 Content Compressed Data Size
0x28 0x8 0x0
0x30 0x10 0x0

Note: PS3 firmwares cannot deal with compressed syscon firmwares, so they will abort the update process in that case.

Note2: The PatchID is also present in the first 8 bytes of decrypted content but 16bit swapped for ARM BGAs


Address Length Value Description
0x00 0x4 0x0
0x04 0x4 0x3
0x08 0x8 0x40 Offset/size?
0x10 0x4 0x0
0x14 0x4 0x0
0x18 0x8 0x1000 Content Data Size?
0x20 0x8 0x1
0x28 0x8 0x1
0x30 0x10 0x0


Address Length Value Description
0x0 0x1000 - content


Packages can be decrypted with the unpkg tool. Decrypted content of the updates appears to always be 0x1000 bytes (4KB).

Patch Decryption/Hashing

The following is all theoretical and is intended to discard possibilities about modes of operation used by aes when decrypting body of firmware/patch

We know that:

  • Two key expansions are used before applying crypto on body (one probably for hashing. the other for decrypting with cbc)
  • Encrypt is used when applying crypto on body TopHalf (forward ttables) and Decrypt is used when applying on body Bottomhalf (inverse ttables)
  • Authenticated regions uses a form of what seems to be some ECB with tweak xoring (as graf once said about XTS)
  • XTS was introduced in 2007 and SysCon from ps3 exists for far more time than that (2003)
  • XEX is a close relative of XTS that was introduced in 1984
  • PS4 uses XTS for Authenticated Regions or SNVS (with sector size of 0x20 being used. is this even considered safe?)
  • 4 regions can be controlled for DPA and they are: 0x2790 (size 0x20) (FFs), patch header (most notably at offset 0x4 of header size 0x10 and 0x30 size 0x10), patch body tophalf(+0x40) and patch body bottomhalf(+0x50)
  • here are the DPA bytes for each of the controlable sections:
  • 21 06 23 DC A2 98 99 4D XX 87 F8 40 FC 48 1C BF (section 2/FF's from 0x2790 on DIA-001) -> 210623DCA298994DFE87F840FC481CBF
  • 21 06 23 DC A2 98 99 4D XX 87 F8 40 FC 48 1C BF (section 2/FF's from 0x2790 on DEB-001) -> 210623DCA298994DFE87F840FC481CBF
  • 16 32 47 79 C3 2C 47 D3 2B 39 CA B5 83 41 0E D5 (section 3/header from DIA-001 patch content)
  • XX XX XX XX 7B FC 27 CD D5 9A 05 09 3A DF E4 75 (section 3/header AA from DEB-001 patch content) -> 6E9CE7C57BFC27CDD59A05093ADFE475
  • 92 4A 87 88 20 59 6C 49 9F 0E 7D 77 2F 38 4C FC (section 3/header DD from DEB-001 patch content)
  • 7D C6 3B 3B 69 DF 67 4C 94 D7 D4 A8 E0 F8 5B B2 (section 4/body from DIA-001 patch content/tophalf/forward)
  • 73 XX F0 3D XX 9A F0 92 4D XX 62 DA XX 48 3C DB (section 4/body from DIA-001 patch content/bottomhalf/inverse)
  • 49 1F 7B 0A 48 BD 79 33 4E 16 89 F6 B0 25 86 48 (section 4/body from DEB-001 patch content/tophalf/forward)
  • 14 4D F1 D3 21 B6 17 46 60 81 42 E5 02 C9 07 66 (section 4/body from DEB-001 patch content/bottomhalf/inverse/PROPER) -> 6B3583DA1AA6B49106E1641178EE68C8 (inverse ttables)
  • some bytes are considered "weak" bytes and should be bruteforced in the eventuality these keys fail
  • another possibility is that both the header and the body are hashed and then decrypted, using for example, cmac and cbc
  • since key expansions take 10 "hills" in the analysis, it should be safe to assume that AES-128 is used(because it uses 10 rounds).
  • 6554cff202c3bfdd9740901070b705bf : correct md5 for patch content we are trying keys on (DIA-001)
  • 4875ad06a1499cc516a0d4d92e595794 : correct md5 for patch content we are trying keys on (DEB-001/DIA-002)
  • trying a different header/body patch content from another similar board will result into failure of decrypting body, which means that the header is checked for authenticity and that the header hash is NOT in the header
  • altering the patch header doesn't cause the patch header dpa bytes to change (a test was done with 4 bytes and the result was 16 32 47 79, which matches the other patch dpa recovered bytes)
  • there are in fact not 4 but 5 aes sections. the last one seems to be body related, as changing the body even one bit makes the last aes section disappear.
  • section 2 is divided into two sections, corresponding to TopHalf and BottomHalf of patch area.
  • TopHalf uses forward ttables/sbox. BottomHalf uses inverse ttables/sbox
  • TopHalf is ONLY the very first 0x10 bytes AFTER the header and into the body (corresponding to 0x40 in header size 0x10)
  • BottomHalf is the rest of the body itself.
  • DYN-001 processes one entire chunk of 0x1000 bytes, 0x40 for header and 0xFC0 for body, and not two of 0x400 and 0xC00 like the Sony models
  • 504 aes operations are done for the body (252/0xFC for cmac and 252/0xFC for cbc). it is unknown if cmac comes first or it is cbc.
  • All attacks show weak bytes in comparisson with CXR(F), likely due to CXR being optimized for the attack (removed resistors/capacitors, etc)


The header format is partially unknown at this stage. All the Firmwares patches are written in little endian.

Offset Length Notes Related DECR Error Notes
0x0 0x4 Magic FFFFFED2 (Magic Error)
0x4 0x10 Header CMAC1 FFFFFED1 (Header Check Error) CMAC of Partial Header (0x10,0x30 size) with header first 4 bytes instead of random 4 bytes and where Header CMAC2 is zeroed Concatenated with Encrypted Body
0x14 0x10 Header CMAC2 FFFFFED1 (Header Check Error) CMAC of Header (where this cmac has been zeroed)
0x24 0x4 Padding FFFFFED1 (Header Check Error)
0x28 0x4 Total size FFFFFED1 (Header Check Error)
0x2c 0x4 Size of binary FFFFFED1 (Header Check Error)
0x30 0x10 IV for AES-128 CBC FFFFFED1 (Header Check Error)
0x40 0xfc0 Encrypted binary FFFFFED0 (Data Check Error) / FFFFFECF (Data Size Check Error)
  • Note: For the weird bogus update ONLY: FFFFFF37 (Alignment Error?) (Trying any data size between 0x41 and 0x4C bytes)
  • Note2: v0.6.14c4 is the bogus update (only update with a weird header)
  • Note3: setting data between 0x40 to 0x4C to zero in bogus update yields error FFFFFED0


00000000  1B 2D 70 0F AB 5E B3 99 68 20 FE 3D E1 80 6A 1D  .-p.«^³™h þ=á€j.
00000010  B8 FD 37 CF CD 45 85 AB 51 F7 05 E3 EA 32 A5 EA  ¸ý7ÏÍE…«Q÷.ãê2¥ê
00000020  67 45 F9 48 00 00 00 00 00 10 00 00 C0 0F 00 00  gEùH........À...
00000030  8B 04 07 F9 9B A2 90 3A 75 89 F1 42 12 59 DA 0D  ‹..ù›¢.:u‰ñB.YÚ.
00000040  21 7C A2 C3 5A E4 78 00 10 8D 4B F7 A2 73 9C 63  !|¢ÃZäx...K÷¢sœc
00000050  5D 8D 5D 49 16 C7 6F 2C AD 33 FE 1F D3 6C A1 CA  ].]I.Ço,.3þ.Ól¡Ê
00000060  BA AD 2B FE 8F 33 71 D7 C5 E6 5C FF BF 77 6C 80  º.+þ.3q×Åæ\ÿ¿wl€
00000070  F2 BE 11 BB 3C 52 52 DC A9 68 E5 24 AD 4F F3 48  ò¾.»<RRÜ©hå$.OóH

-From v1.0.4c2_TMU510_u-

00000000   73 79 73 31 73 47 59 5D  FB 85 3B 7B 4A 28 10 5D   sys1sGY]û…;{J( ]
00000010   46 EE 8C 01 3C B4 F1 82  1E 18 4F B7 4A 56 FC C7   FîŒ <´ñ‚  O·JVüÇ
00000020   FF 83 0B E0 00 00 00 00  40 00 06 00 00 00 06 00   ÿƒ à    @       
00000030   69 B6 02 69 3A 97 8B 1C  4E 18 D4 E0 63 7D CA 94   i¶ i:—‹ N Ôàc}Ê”
00000040   4B A0 79 34 79 41 BD 09  BB 68 D4 0A A0 B7 05 78   K y4yA½ »hÔ  · x
00000050   D9 8F 8F 28 6C 9A 1B 61  CF A1 E7 49 7D CA C4 A3   Ù  (lš aÏ¡çI}ÊÄ£
00000060   A4 4D 4B E0 AE 48 86 03  B1 43 F2 47 C0 C4 1D 4F   ¤MKà®H† ±CòGÀÄ O
00000070   FA E8 43 A7 1E 6E 79 8C  E5 FF 04 20 E9 44 09 B5   úèC§ nyŒåÿ  éD µ


  • The first 4 bytes (0x1B2D700F) appear static in each package.
  • The next 0x20 bytes appear to change with each package
  • The following 12 bytes (0x0000000000100000C00F0000) also appear static, but it's the firmware size and fw size - header size; infact if correctly converted to little endian 00000000 00001000 00000fc0, where 00000000 is Unknown, 00001000 is 4096 in dec (file size) and 00000fc0 is 4032 in dec (update size).
  • On the DECH fw, the update works in the same way: 000000004000060000000600 converted will be: 00000000 00060040 00060000, where, 00000000 is probably padding, file size 00060040, 00060000 update size
  • the first 0x40 bytes probably are IV + HASH + update infos. probably the algorithm used is AES.
  • algorithm used is aes 128 cbc on the body (iv is at + 0x30)

Patch structure

Mullion Patch Content

Offset Size Notes Number
0x00 0x2 Major Version 1
0x02 0x2 Minor Version 1
0x04 0x2 Major Revision 1
0x06 0x2 Minor Revision 1
0x08 0x10 Patch Addresses 4*4
0x18 0x10 Patch Instruction / Data 4*4
0x28 0x10 Patch Jump Instruction Addresses 4*4
0x38 0x388 Additional Patch Instructions 1
0x3C0 0xC00 HDMI Patch 1

Sherwood Patch Content

Offset Size Notes Number
0x00 0x4 Magic 1
0x04 0x2 Major Version 1
0x06 0x2 Minor Version 1
0x08 0x2 Major Revision 1
0x0A 0x2 Minor Revision 1
0x0C 0x4 Absolute Table Address 1
0x10 0x2 Data Size 1
0x12 0x2 Data Checksum 1
0x14 0x2 Patch Checksum 1
0x16 0x2 Relative (0x2000) Data Address 1
0x18 0x2 Relative (0x2000) Table Address 1
------ 0x80 Table with Addresses 32*4
------ ------ Data (not parsed on SW) -

Command list (Mullion)

External commands

Address Command Subcommand Permission
0x32959 BOOT MODE 0x000080D6
0x329D5 BOOT CONT 0x000080D5
0x342D7 SHUTDOWN - 0x0000C0D5
0x32A51 HALT - 0x0000C0D5
0x32A85 BOOTENABLE - 0x0000809A
0x33491 AUTH1 - 0x0000C0EF
0x33525 AUTH2 - 0x0000C0EF
0x33619 AUTHVER SET 0x0000C0DF
0x335BF AUTHVER GET 0x0000C0FF
0x32AC3 EEP INIT 0x000080DA
0x32C51 EEP SET 0x0000C0DF
0x32D3D EEP GET 0x0000C0DF
0x32EA7 PDAREA SET 0x0000C0DF
0x32E3B PDAREA GET 0x0000C0DF
0x330C5 CSAREA SET 0x0000C0DF
0x33057 CSAREA GET 0x0000C0DF
0x33169 VID GET 0x0000C0D5
0x331D7 CID GET 0x0000C0D5
0x3321D ECID GET 0x0000C0D5
0x3325D REV SB 0x0000C0D5
0x3328D SPU INFO 0x0000C0D5
0x332E1 KSV - 0x0000C0D5
0x33685 FAN SETPOLICY 0x0000C0D7
0x33717 FAN GETPOLICY 0x0000C0D7
0x33781 FAN START 0x0000C0D7
0x33781 FAN STOP 0x0000C0D7
0x33951 FAN SETDUTY 0x0000C0D7
0x339C3 FAN GETDUTY 0x0000C0D7
0x33A27 R8 - 0x0000C0DF
0x33AD1 W8 - 0x0000C0DF
0x33B71 R16 - 0x0000C0DF
0x33C19 W16 - 0x0000C0DF
0x33CBB R32 - 0x0000C0DF
0x33E49 W32 - 0x0000C0DF
0x33EE9 RBE - 0x0000C0D5
0x33F91 WBE - 0x0000C0D5
0x34049 PORTSTAT - 0x0000C0DF
0x332BF VER - 0x0000C0FF
0x341C5 BUZ - 0x00008096
0x342D7 SERVFAN - 0x0000C0D7
0x341F9 ERRLOG START 0x0000C0DF
0x34221 ERRLOG STOP 0x0000C0DF
0x34249 ERRLOG GET 0x0000C0FF
0x342B3 ERRLOG CLEAR 0x0000C0DF

Internal commands

Command Address Perms SubCommands Description
becount 0xCA7D 0xDD0C0000 - Display bringup/shutdown count + Power-on time
bepgoff 0xA4E7 0xD00C0000 - BE power grid off
bepkt 0x2435D 0xDC0C0000 show/set/unset/mode/debug/help Packet permissions
bestat 0xD413 0xFD0F0000 - Get status of BE
boardconfig 0x99C7 0xDC0C0000 - Displays board configuration (NOT WORKING?)
bootbeep 0x1EA67 0xF0000000 stat/on/off Boot beep
bringup 0xD597 0xFD0F0000 - Turn PS3 on
bsn 0xD805 0xF00F0000 - Get board serial number
bstatus 0x24269 0xDD0C0000 - HDMI related status
buzz 0xA4FF 0xDC0C0000 [freq] Activate buzzer
buzzpattern 0xA8B7 0xDC0C0000 [freq] [pattern] [count] Buzzer pattern
clear_err 0x2595B 0xDD0C0000 last/eeprom/all Clear errors
clearerrlog 0xB8CB 0xDD0C0000 - Clears error log
comm 0x9919 0xDC0C0000 - Communication mode
commt 0x24907 0xDC0C0000 help/start/stop/send Manual BE communication
cp 0x1E077 0xF0000000 ready/busy/reset/beepremote/beep2kn1n3/beep2kn2n3 CP control commands
csum 0xD687 0xFF0F0000 - Firmware checksum
devpm 0xD053 0xDD0C0000 ata/pci/pciex/rsx Device power management
diag 0x9AAD 0xD00C0000 ... Diag (execute without param to show help) (NOT WORKING?)
disp_err 0x25911 0xDD0C0000 - Displays errors
duty 0x9B23 0xDD0C0000 get/set/getmin/setmin/getmax/setmax/getinmin/setinmin/getinmax/setinmax Fan policy
dve 0x2995D 0xDC0C0000 help/set/save/show DVE chip parameters
eepcsum 0xAA65 0xDD0C0000 - Does nothing
eepromcheck 0x9A1D 0x000C0000 [id] Check eeprom
eeprominit 0x9A65 0x000C0000 [id] Init eeprom
ejectsw 0xD611 0xFD0F0000 - Eject switch
errlog 0xB7ED 0xFF0C0000 - Gets the error log
fancon 0xD26D 0x0D000000 - Does nothing
fanconautotype 0xC075 0xDD0C0000 - Does nothing
fanconmode 0xBF35 0xDD0C0000 get Fan control mode
fanconpolicy 0xBBC9 0xDD0C0000 get/set/getini/setini Fan control policy
fandiag 0x1E91B 0xF0000000 - Fan test
faninictrl 0xD3D9 0x0D000000 - Does nothing
fanpol 0xCA31 0xDD0C0000 - Does nothing
fanservo 0xBF29 0xDD0C0000 - Does nothing
fantbl 0xC087 0xDD0C0000 get/set/getini/setini/gettable/settable Fan table: get/set - currently in RAM/in use ; getini/setini - stored in EEPROM (!! in COK the chksum does not updated automatically !!)
 fantbl - Fan Table set/get command
 Usage: fantbl set fanconNo pNo tempD tempU duty
    ex. fantbl set 0 p1 0x1400 0x1E40 0xC0
    ex. fantbl set 0 p1 20.0 30.25 75
 Usage: fantbl get fanconNo
    ex. fantbl get 1
firmud 0xD61D 0xFDFF0000 - Firmware update
geterrlog 0xB84F 0xDD0C0000 [id] Gets error log
getrtc 0xA6F3 0xDD0C0000 - Gets rtc
halt 0x1E107 0xF0000000 - Halts syscon
hdmi 0x29F39 0xDD0C0000 ... HDMI (various commands, use help)
[HDMI Help] HDMI System Start         :$ hdmi setup ([ChannelNo])
[HDMI Help] Show IC Type              :$ hdmi ictype [ChannelNo]
[HDMI Help] Display EDID              :$ hdmi redid  [ChannelNo] (p)
[HDMI Help] Display KSV               :$ hdmi rksv   [ChannelNo]
[HDMI Help] SiI Register Read         :$ hdmi r  [ChannelNo] [TargetDevID(0/1)] [OffsetAddr(hex)] [ReadSize(hex)]
[HDMI Help] SiI Register Write        :$ hdmi w  [ChannelNo] [TargetDevID(0/1)] [OffsetAddr(hex)] [WriteData(hex)]
[HDMI Help] Set 12bit Param           :$ hdmi 12bit  [ChannelNo] (d1:0 - d5:4)
[HDMI Help] Set 10bit Param           :$ hdmi 10bit  [ChannelNo] (d1:0 - d5:4)
[HDMI Help] DDC Bus Read              :$ hdmi dr [ChannelNo] [TargetDevID(0/1)] [OffsetAddr(hex)] [ReadSize(hex)]
[HDMI Help] DDC Bus Write             :$ hdmi dw [OffsetAddr(hex)] [WriteData(hex)]
[HDMI Help] Show Channel Status       :$ hdmi chstat  [ChannelNo]
[HDMI Help] Debug Log Verbose         :$ hdmi vbs ([Verbose Setting(hex)])
[HDMI Help] HDMI System Shutdown      :$ hdmi letup ([ChannelNo])
[HDMI Help] HDMI Eleguler Test        :$ hdmi hwreset ([ChannelNo])
[HDMI Help] HDMI Eleguler Test KPL    :$ hdmi hwreset2 ([ChannelNo])
[HDMI Help] HDMI Manage Struct Dump   :$ hdmi dumpst ([ChannelNo])
[HDMI Help] Show HDMI and DVE Port Num:$ hdmi ports
[HDMI Help] Show Timer Value          :$ hdmi timer
[HDMI Help] Show I2C Resource         :$ hdmi i2c
[HDMI Help] Show Patch Information    :$ hdmi patch
[HDMI Help] Resolution Reset          :$ hdmi resrst [ChannelNo]
[HDMI Help] Show this Message         :$ hdmi help
hdmiid 0x29D1D 0xDC0F0000 - Get HDMI id's
hdmiid2 0x29D81 0xDC0F0000 - Get HDMI id's
hversion 0x2422F 0xDD0C0000 - Platform ID
hyst 0xAEF5 0xDD0C0000 get/set/getini/setini Temperature zones
lasterrlog 0xB7FF 0xDD0C0000 - Last error from log
ledmode 0xA80B 0xDC0C0000 [id] [id] Get led mode
LS 0x2421B 0xDD0C0000 - LabStation Mode
ltstest 0xCB97 0xDD0C0000 get/set be/rsx ?Temp related? values
osbo 0x1EA3F 0xF0000000 - Sets 0x2000F60
patchcsum 0xD9F7 0xDD0C0000 - Patch checksum
patchvereep 0xD9B1 0xDD0C0000 - Patch version eeprom
patchverram 0xD965 0xDD0C0000 - Patch version ram
poll 0x240E3 0xDD0C0000 - Poll log
portscan 0xDA0D 0xDD0C0000 [port] Scan port (NOT WORKING?)
powbtnmode 0xB911 0xDC0C0000 [mode (0/1)] Power button mode
powerstate 0xCE6F 0xDD0C0000 - Get power state
powersw 0xD5F9 0xFD0F0000 - Power switch
powupcause 0xB621 0xDD0C0000 - Power up cause
printmode 0x99D9 0xDC0C0000 [mode (0/1/2/3)] Set printmode
printpatch 0xD94F 0xDD0C0000 - Prints patch
r 0x8CA5 0xDD0C0000 [offset] [length] Read byte from SC
r16 0x8ED5 0xDD0C0000 [offset] [length] Read word from SC
r32 0x9191 0xDD0C0000 [offset] [length] Read dword from SC
r64 0x935D 0xDD0C0000 [offset] [length] Read qword from SC
r64d 0x948F 0xDD0C0000 [offset] [length] Read ?qword data? from SC
rbe 0x96F9 0xDD0C0000 [offset] Read from BE
recv 0x24135 0xDD0C0000 - Receive something
resetsw 0xD605 0xFC0F0000 - Reset switch
restartlogerrtoeep 0xB903 0xDD0C0000 - Reenable error logging to eeprom
revision 0xD7E1 0xFFFF0000 - Get softid
rrsxc 0xD313 0xDD0C0000 [offset] [length] Read from RSX
rtcreset 0xA7BB 0x000C0000 - Reset RTC
scagv2 0xE24F 0xFF000000 - Auth related?
scasv2 0xE207 0xDD000000 - Auth related?
scclose 0xE1EF 0xFF000000 - Auth related?
scopen 0xE121 0xFF000000 - Auth related?
send 0x2416F 0xDD0C0000 [variable] Send something
shutdown 0xD5C5 0xFD0F0000 - PS3 shutdown
startlogerrtsk 0xB8E7 0xDD0C0000 - Start error log task
stoplogerrtoeep 0xB8F5 0xDD0C0000 - Stop error logging to eeprom
stoplogerrtsk 0xB8D9 0xDD0C0000 - Stop error log task
syspowdown 0xB6E9 0xDD0C0000 3 params System power down
task 0x15005 0xDD0C0000 - Print tasks
thalttest 0xD813 0x000F0000 - Does nothing
thermfatalmode 0xCA3B 0xDD0C0000 canboot/cannotboot Set thermal boot mode
therrclr 0xD3E5 0xDD0C0000 - Thermal register clear
thrm 0xBF1D 0xDD0C0000 - Does nothing
tmp 0xAA69 0xDD0C0000 [zone] Get temperature
trace 0xB951 0xDD0C0000 ... Trace tasks (use help)
Usage: trace command param
    param (with `id' command):
      available characters: [0-9][,][-]
      ex. trace id 1-12,16
trp 0xAB2F 0xDD0C0000 get/set/getini/setini Temperature zones
tsensor 0xA279 0xDD0C0000 [sensor] Get raw temperature
tshutdown 0xB2A1 0xDD0C0000 get/set/getini/setini Thermal shutdown
tshutdowntime 0xC95D 0xDD0C0000 [time] Thermal shutdown time
tzone 0xB5E1 0xDD0C0000 - Show thermal zones
version 0xD65F 0xFFFF0000 - SC firmware version
w 0x8BF9 0xDD0C0000 [offset] [value] Write byte to SC
w16 0x8E2D 0xDD0C0000 [offset] [value] Write word to SC
w32 0x8FED 0xDD0C0000 [offset] [value] Write dword to SC
w64 0x92A9 0xDD0C0000 [offset] [value] Write qword to SC
wbe 0x9665 0xDD0C0000 [offset] [value] Write to BE
wmmto 0xCB3B 0xDC0C0000 get Get watch dog timeout
wrsxc 0xD279 0xDD0C0000 [offset] [value] Write to RSX
xdrdiag 0x1E711 0xF0000000 start/info/result XDR diag
xiodiag 0x1E875 0xF0000000 - XIO diag
xrcv 0x25313 0xDC0C0000 - Xmodem receive

Command list (Sherwood)

Very similar to PS4 southbridge firmware. Only difference here is the string Playstation 3

  • A_AUTH = 0x0700
  • B_AUTH = 0x0B00
  • INT = 0x0300 (Command not available from UART interface. Can be unlocked by patching syscon firmware)
  • ANY = 0x0F00
Address Command Permission
0x32030 hdmi A_AUTH
0x2FB30 tsensor A_AUTH
0x2FE7F tmp A_AUTH
0x2FFA6 trp A_AUTH
0x301D8 tshutdown A_AUTH
0x3041B tzone A_AUTH
0x30482 thrm A_AUTH
0x307EF duty A_AUTH
0x30C0D fanconpolicy A_AUTH
0x30DF9 fanconmode A_AUTH
0x30F3B fantbl A_AUTH
N/A ?
N/A ?
N/A ?
0x305F2 hyst A_AUTH
0x313EB powupcause A_AUTH
0x31460 syspowdown A_AUTH
0x316C6 devpm A_AUTH
0x318CF powerstate A_AUTH
0x31AC2 nonfatalerror A_AUTH
0x2F82A getrtc INT
0x2ED2B help A_AUTH
0x2EED7 meminfo INT
0x2EF63 rbe INT
0x2F281 task INT
0x2F460 cleareep INT
0x2F499 commt INT
0x2F79B bestat A_AUTH
0x2DAC3 bringup A_AUTH
0x2DC1C shutdown A_AUTH
0x2DC9B r A_AUTH
0x2DC9B r16 A_AUTH
0x2DC9B r32 A_AUTH
0x2E7BC r64 A_AUTH
0x2E7BC r64d A_AUTH
0x2E03B w A_AUTH
0x2E03B w16 A_AUTH
0x2E03B w32 A_AUTH
0x2E6C1 w64 A_AUTH
0x2E6C1 wbe A_AUTH
0x2DC9B R16 A_AUTH
0x2DC9B R32 A_AUTH
0x2E03B W8 A_AUTH
0x2E03B W16 A_AUTH
0x2E03B W32 A_AUTH
0x2EC36 portset INT
0x2ECF9 extend A_AUTH
0x80D0 version ANY
0x812B revision ANY
0x8251 setcmdlong ANY
0x81C3 VER ANY
0x8356 csum A_AUTH
0x8555 AUTH1 B_AUTH
0x8555 AUTH2 B_AUTH
0x311DA errlog ANY
0x31C87 powersw A_AUTH
0x31CA5 ejectsw A_AUTH
N/A ?
0x31CC5 buzzduty INT
0x31D24 buzz INT
0x33F98 VID A_AUTH
0x34211 SPU A_AUTH
0x34363 KSV A_AUTH
N/A ?
0x3441B portscan A_AUTH
0x33F46 eepcsum A_AUTH
0x346DD patchinfo A_AUTH
0x346F3 poll INT
0x3470F recv INT
0x3472B send INT
0x34747 LS INT
0x34763 hversion INT
Address Command Permission
0x3D989 hdmi A_AUTH
0x3B1CF tsensor A_AUTH
0x3B3D5 tmp A_AUTH
0x3B627 trp A_AUTH
0x3B645 tshutdown A_AUTH
0x3B663 tzone A_AUTH
0x3B6C9 thrm A_AUTH
0x3B95D duty A_AUTH
0x3BBB9 fanconpolicy A_AUTH
0x3BD48 fanconmode A_AUTH
0x3BE58 fantbl A_AUTH
0x3C07D fanservo A_AUTH
0x3C2E2 fanservostat A_AUTH
N/A ?
0x3B7F0 hyst A_AUTH
0x3C695 powupcause A_AUTH
0x3C70A syspowdown A_AUTH
0x3C98A devpm A_AUTH
0x3CB93 powerstate A_AUTH
0x3CDF0 nonfatalerror A_AUTH
0x3AD68 getrtc INT
0x3A280 help A_AUTH
0x3A42C meminfo INT
0x3A4B8 rbe INT
0x3A7D6 task INT
0x3A99E cleareep INT
0x3A9D7 commt INT
0x3ACD9 bestat A_AUTH
0x39018 bringup A_AUTH
0x39171 shutdown A_AUTH
0x391F0 r A_AUTH
0x391F0 r16 A_AUTH
0x391F0 r32 A_AUTH
0x39D11 r64 A_AUTH
0x39D11 r64d A_AUTH
0x39590 w A_AUTH
0x39590 w16 A_AUTH
0x39590 w32 A_AUTH
0x39C16 w64 A_AUTH
0x39C16 wbe A_AUTH
0x39018 BOOT A_AUTH
0x39171 HALT A_AUTH
0x391F0 R8 A_AUTH
0x391F0 R16 A_AUTH
0x391F0 R32 A_AUTH
0x39590 W8 A_AUTH
0x39590 W16 A_AUTH
0x39590 W32 A_AUTH
0x39E17 EEP A_AUTH
0x3A18B portset INT
0x3A24E extend A_AUTH
0xA0F1 version ANY
0xA14C revision ANY
0xA272 setcmdlong ANY
0xA37B csum A_AUTH
0x3C484 errlog ANY
0x3D005 powersw A_AUTH
0x3D023 ejectsw A_AUTH
N/A ?
0x3D043 buzzduty INT
0x3D0A2 buzz INT
0x4000E KSV A_AUTH
N/A ?
0x400C6 portscan A_AUTH
0x3FBF1 eepcsum A_AUTH
0x40388 patchinfo A_AUTH
0x4039E poll INT
0x403BA recv INT
0x403D6 send INT
0x403F2 LS INT
0x4040E hversion INT
Address Command Permission
0x3E21D hdmi A_AUTH
0x3B8F0 tsensor A_AUTH
0x3BAF6 tmp A_AUTH
0x3BD48 trp A_AUTH
0x3BD66 tshutdown A_AUTH
0x3BD84 tzone A_AUTH
0x3BDEA thrm A_AUTH
0x3C07E duty A_AUTH
0x3C2DA fanconpolicy A_AUTH
0x3C469 fanconmode A_AUTH
0x3C579 fantbl A_AUTH
0x3C79E fanservo A_AUTH
0x3CA03 fanservostat A_AUTH
0x3CB6B fanservosetval A_AUTH
0x3BF11 hyst A_AUTH
0x3CE8E powupcause A_AUTH
0x3CF03 syspowdown A_AUTH
0x3D183 devpm A_AUTH
0x3D38C powerstate A_AUTH
0x3D5E9 nonfatalerror A_AUTH
0x3B489 getrtc INT
0x3A9A1 help A_AUTH
0x3AB4D meminfo INT
0x3ABD9 rbe INT
0x3AEF7 task INT
0x3B0BF cleareep INT
0x3B0F8 commt INT
0x3B3FA bestat A_AUTH
0x39739 bringup A_AUTH
0x39892 shutdown A_AUTH
0x39911 r A_AUTH
0x39911 r16 A_AUTH
0x39911 r32 A_AUTH
0x3A432 r64 A_AUTH
0x3A432 r64d A_AUTH
0x39CB1 w A_AUTH
0x39CB1 w16 A_AUTH
0x39CB1 w32 A_AUTH
0x3A337 w64 A_AUTH
0x3A337 wbe A_AUTH
0x39739 BOOT A_AUTH
0x39892 HALT A_AUTH
0x39911 R8 A_AUTH
0x39911 R16 A_AUTH
0x39911 R32 A_AUTH
0x39CB1 W8 A_AUTH
0x39CB1 W16 A_AUTH
0x39CB1 W32 A_AUTH
0x3A538 EEP A_AUTH
0x3A8AC portset INT
0x3A96F extend A_AUTH
0xA0FF version ANY
0xA15A revision ANY
0xA280 setcmdlong ANY
0xA389 csum A_AUTH
0x3CC7D errlog ANY
0x3D7FE powersw A_AUTH
0x3D81C ejectsw A_AUTH
0x3D83C doorsw A_AUTH
0x3D8D7 buzzduty INT
0x3D936 buzz INT
0x404D8 VID A_AUTH
0x40751 SPU A_AUTH
0x408A3 KSV A_AUTH
0x40A2A portscan A_AUTH
0x40486 eepcsum A_AUTH
0x40CF2 patchinfo A_AUTH
0x40D08 poll INT
0x40D24 recv INT
0x40D40 send INT
0x40D5C LS INT
0x40D78 hversion INT

Access to Syscon from Linux

Access SysCon ROM without needing ps3dm-utils: http://wiki.gitbrew.org/wikibrew/PS3:HvReverseEngineering#SYSCON

Placeholder for bga patch key generation

34 3A 00 00 00 00 5F 5F 53 43 45 49 53 59 53 31

OR (slim DYN-001)

00 00 00 00 5F 5F 5F 5F 53 43 45 49 53 59 53 31
  • replace 4 dots with soft id in decimal form, xor with 0x140 key and with cipher patcher key and encrypt with master patcher key to obtain cipher master key for that soft id
  • replace 4 dots with soft id in decimal form, xor with 0x140 key and with hasher patcher key and encrypt with master patcher key to obtain hasher master key for that soft id