Factory Service Mode

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What is it[edit | edit source]

The PlayStation 4 can enter a special "Service Mode". When it does so, the bottom right corner of the screen has a red translucent rectangle with the words "F a c t o r y /Service Mode" inside of the rectangle. This mode is used by Sony for repairing assistance.

Setting up the pendrive[edit | edit source]

The drive label must be named ORBISMANU, the type must be FAT32 and the allocation size must be 32768 bytes (32K)

Setting up the network[edit | edit source]

Ethernet cable with these settings.

PC IP Address 
   SubNetwork Mask  

PS4 IP Address  
    SubNetwork Mask
  • Port for the Auth is 10110

What Selfs does it use?[edit | edit source]

See Factory Service Mode Selfs

See also launcher.cfg

What PUPs does it use?[edit | edit source]

See Factory Service Mode PUPs

How to enter it[edit | edit source]

In a similar fashion to the PlayStation 3, one can enter FSM by patching the Syscon EEPROM (unknown values). There also may be a way to enter FSM using USB. There are documented cases of Sony repairing services accidentally leaving PS4 consoles in FSM.

Features[edit | edit source]

Unknown, supposedly more restricted than the PS3 FSM.