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System Software Update Installing

PlayStation 4 Operating System[edit | edit source]

Based on: FreeBSD 9.0
Platform: 64 bits (x86_64)

There are several means to get and/or install a system sofware update:

  • if automatic updating is enabled, the Southbridge will automatically download it and notify the user after finishing
  • user can do manual update check in user interface
  • user can enter Safe Mode and from there select updating
  • PARAM.SFO of a Software Title can demand minimal version
  • BD-ROM can (to compliment the afformentioned PARAM.SFO) also serve a /PS4/UPDATE/PS4UPDATE.PUP file[1]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. PUP files on PS4 discs are 1GB (1073741824, 0x40000000 bytes), regardless of version, as they are zerofilled at the end of the file, just like PS3 PUP were zerofilled to 256MB. Hence, their hash will differ from the sys PS4UPDATE.PUP file they are based on.