Factory Service Mode Selfs

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The following Factory Service Mode selfs exist in the orbis context:

  • manufacturing_updater.self
  • lsi_diag.self
  • lsi2_diag.self
  • aging_diag.self
  • cs_backup_data.self
  • bus_encryption_check_diag.self
  • netloader.self
  • kernel_message_diag.self (md5:7456F6E46E90BBAFF46F02B200BE5223)
  • set_vtrm_diag.self (md5:7E166244636FC0361448DAFB6E843087)
  • macaroni_diag.self (md5:4B2B271873A840BD5F5434DCA023EF27) (seems to be an aglomerate of all the others)
  • orbis_diag.self (md5:725A42FC0B8ED6995D2A9AA9345326658) -> this loads all the other selfs above (together with a file called launcher.cfg)