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Devices List[edit | edit source]

Path Name of Device Usage Notes
/dev_usb00[0-7]/ USB External USB (Pendrive or External USB Disk) FAT32/FAT filesystem
/dev_hdd0/ HDD GameOS partition UFS filesystem
/dev_hdd1/ HDD Cache partition FAT32 filesystem
/dev_hdd2/ HDD OtherOS partition Any filesystem supported by linux
/dev_ms/ MMS Magic Memory Stick Device FAT32/FAT filesystem
/dev_cf/ CF Card CF Card Device FAT32/FAT filesystem
/dev_sd/ SD Card SD Card Device FAT32/FAT filesystem
/dev_bdvd/ BDVD Bluray Device?
/dev_rflash/ RFLASH Device for NOR/NAND Flash
/dev_flash/ VFLASH Device for VFLASH FAT16 filesystem
/dev_flash2/ VFLASH Device for VFLASH FAT16 filesystem
/dev_flash3/ VFLASH Device for VFLASH FAT12 filesystem
/dev_eflash/ EFLASH Unknown???
/dev_SYSTEM/ SYSTEM??? Unknown???
/dev/sc[0-3] SYSCON Syscon Device Virtual UART devices
/dev/ioif0 INPUT/OUTPUT INTERFACE ioif Device
/dev/net0 Network Network Device
/dev/rbd0 Blu-ray Drive Blu-ray Device
/dev/sd_detector SD Card Detector? ???
/dev/hvlog0 HyperVisor Log HyperVisor Log Device Used for storing HyperVisor Logs
/dev/cp0 COMMUNICATION PROCESSOR? Communication Processor Device?
/dev/flash_num Flash Enumerator Flash Enumerator Device
/dev/encdec0 ENCDEC EncDec Device Inside South Bridge. Used for Encrypting/Decrypting HDD Content
/app_home/ APP_HOME app_home Device Virtual Device
/dev_ps2disc[1]/ PS2DISC PS2 Disc Device (Backwards Compatibility?)
/dev_plus/ PLUS PLUS Device Probably used to manage PS PLUS content
/dev_MCA/ Memory Card Adapter Memory Card Adapter Device Used to connect a PS1/PS2 memory card to PS3 (PlayStation Card Adapter)

IOS Related[edit | edit source]

  • CELL_FS_IOS:USB_MASS_STORAGE000 / /dev_usb000/
  • CELL_FS_IOS:USB_MASS_STORAGE001 / /dev_usb000/
  • etc

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