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The official gun, developed in a collaboration of "zipper interactive" (SOCOM 4, MAG) and "guerrila games" (Killzone 3)... both companyes subsidiary of sony that built the gun following the suggestions and requirements of this game developers for the needed buttons, triggers, "fire-rate selector", and the ergonomic placement of them

The gun contains electronic components that can send signals to the Move Motion Controller using a "special" connector.

Move Navigation Controller can be attached to the gun, but is not connected electronically

Notes (from photos or videos)[edit]

Product code: CECHYA-ZRA1E

Power comsumption: DC 3.2v, 5mA


  • fire-rate selector
    • rotatory switch, 3 positions, duplicated in both sides of the gun (positions: bottom=1bullet, middle=2bullets, top=3bullets)
  • Reload button
    • At the bottom
  • Square and Triangle
    • Duplicated in both sides of the gun (in killzone 3: square to jump, triangle whatever)
  • Trigger
    • Primary Fire (2 wires if digital... several wires if analogic = pressure sensor)
  • Secondary trigger (underneat the main trigger)
    • Playstation Move button (this is an special button that is only in the "move controllers", not in a dualshock3). In "move controller" is digital (2 wires)
    • In killzone 3 is used to "take cover" or "crouch"
  • Mechanical buttons
    • Select and Start buttons (at left and right of the cannon respectivelly) presses the Select and Start buttons in the "move controller" mechanically
    • The "pump-reload" movement (used in shotguns) presses the "T" button in the "move controller" mechanically
  • Navigation controller
    • Zoom button is mapped to the "navigation controller" "L2" button
    • Change weapons is mapped to the "navigation controller" "D-pad"
    • cross, circle, 1 analocic stick, "PS" button and "L1"


Main board wires[edit]

  • "move controller" mini connector (8 pins)
    • connected to the main board with 1 black cord containing 6 wires (probably 4 data + 2 common)
  • Reload button (at the bottom)
    • connected to the "main board" with 2 wires (red/white)
  • Flat ribbon wires4
    • connecting the "main board" with the "black box" (1 red wire + 3 grey wires)
    • Fire-rate selector ? (this wires enters in the box from behind... near the fire-rate selector)
  • Flat ribbon wires?
    • connecting the "main board" with the "black box"? (unknown number of wires)
  • Secondary trigger
    • connected to the "main board" with 2 wires ?