PlayStation Eye

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PlayStation Eye

PlayStation Eye[edit]

many disassembly pictures @

CEJH-15001 (SCPH-98047, SLEH-00201, SLEH-00203)
DC 5V, 500mA

Video and Audio[edit]


  • 640×480 pixels @ 60 Hz
  • 320×240 pixels @ 120 Hz


  • 16-bit audio @ 48 kHz
  • SNR (sound to noise ratio) @ 90 decibles


PS3Eye multicam driver[edit]

PS3 Eye Streaming with Raspberry[edit]

Firmware related files[edit]

The camera is supported using the AVC library

Filename Version Size MD5 Remarks
ps3eyetoy.cfg 1.00-1.02 5440 e79f611e83108028a2f6b5a40cf83939 content:
micarray.cfg 1.00-1.02 5594 299e8e01a3c50961bf79e8948ee51310 content:
array_es7.mod 1.00-1.02 26648 bf6096054995f5c6d799883d7dfdf933

Note: no variants and no longer present in versions above 1.02