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Torne[edit | edit source]

Fujitsu MB86H47A (MCU - ?Arm based?)[edit | edit source]

"controls the entire tuner, encodes MPEG2-TS image signals output by the DIB8096GPA and sends them to the PS3 via a USB cable"

DiBcom DIB8096GPA (ISDB-T tuner IC)[edit | edit source]

"The DIB8096GPA is a silicon tuner chip supporting ISDB-T and equipped with an RF circuit for digital terrestrial TV reception and a demodulator circuit for ISDB-T."

Video recording capabilities[edit | edit source]

Message in notification window

Inside game_ext_plugin.rco/english.xml
<Text name="msg_torne_background_record">torne™ (Background Recording)</Text>

torne on PS Store (.jp)[edit | edit source]

gallery[edit | edit source]