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The Wireless Keypad is designed to attach onto a SIXAXIS or DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller.

To use the wireless keypad, the PS3 system must be on version 2.50 or later.

Before using the wireless keypad, you must first register or "pair" to the keypad and the PS3 system.

When using in touch pad mode, the wireless keypad can be used like a mouse.

Wireless Keypad[edit]


CECHZK1 (SCPH-98048)

MIC listing: 007WWCUL0319 September 25, 2008 (CECHZK1JP)

Anatel: 2062106223 29/09/2010 (CECHZK1MX)

DC 5V, 500mA

FW min: 2.50

Li-Ion (Accupack)[edit]

Battery Supply: DC 3.7V

Usage on PS4[edit]

  • Go to your devices on PS4, and select bluetooth devices.
  • Then, turn off your ps3 keypad, hold the Blue shoulder button and turn it back on, keep holding the blue button until 3 buttons start flashing in sequence. This means it will now appear on your ps4's list of bluetooth devices.
  • Select it, it'll ask you to punch in a code, do so on the keypad, hit enter, and that'll synch it up correctly.



STM32F103 R8T6 (MCU)[edit]

Same component (with different pin count and memory size) used in Move Motion Controller

ALPS 502A (BT module)[edit]

Similar to some BT modules used in DualShock 3 (the 48 pins models: ALPS 103A and 203A)

Texas Instruments BRO (Battery charger)[edit]

Same component used in Move Motion Controller

Unknown (Keyboard controller)[edit]

PNR CRQ 78A8X 9M PHL 994

Maybe related with Wireless keyboard or/and BD Remote Control