Secure LPAR Loader

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  • SLL opens lv2_kernel.self, parses ELF header and determines the size of initial memory region for GameOS LPAR
  • SLL creates a memory region for GameOS LPAR by using syscall 0x10000.
  • SLL opens /proc/partitions/<LPAR id>/mem file and maps it with mmap syscall into it's address space.
  • Then it authenticates, decrypts and copies the SELF file of GameOS to LPAR's memory region by using SPE syscalls 0x10040 and 0x10042.
  • Linux is not loaded by SLL, it's loaded in Process 9 by Linux System Manager
  • GameOS file image lv2_kernel.self is stored on /dev/rflash1
note: inside ss_server3.fself

0x14000 - SLL (Secure LPAR Loader)[edit | edit source]

Packet ID Description Lv1 Parameter Usage notes
0x14003 Shutdown GOS
0x14004 Load GOS
0x14005 Unload GOS