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In-Game Manuals for HDD games/apps[edit]

The manual appears with a "question mark" icon named "Software Manual" and the title_id of the game/app in small font under it, in Game column inside XMB In-Game mode by pressing Dualshock PS button button

Manuals can be used as a guide, changelog, readme, extra artwork, etc... and are loaded without having to quit the hdd app/game.

PS3 Games[edit]

Implemented around 4.00 firmware (not working on 3.55, working on 4.21+)

  • Buttons
    • Dualshock square button to zoom in (50% zoom)/zoom out (full screen)
    • D-Pad RIGHT Button and Stick Left - Move right for "next" page
    • D-Pad LEFT Button and Stick Left - Move left for "previous" page
    • Dualshock circle button (or Dualshock cross button for japan) returns to XMB In-Game
    • Dualshock PS button returns to game (directly, from MANUAL back to the game, bypasing XMB In-Game)

The zoom has 2 working modes, that depends of the aspect ratio of the image, there are not intermediate zoom levels, and the bigger zoom is predefined to around 50% bigger of the "full screen" mode:

  • For 16:9 images
    • Image is displayed initially at "full screen"
    • When pressing Dualshock square button image is zoomed-in around 50% bigger
  • For non 16:9 images
    • Image is displayed initially at "full height" or "full width" (bigger one wins) to keep the whole image on screen by using transparent areas all around when needed
    • When pressing Dualshock square button for first time, the image is zoomed-in to full screen, with some areas of the image out of screen
    • When pressing Dualshock square button for second time, the image is zoomed-in around 50% bigger than the previous step

Structure tree & infos[edit]

NP**12345/MANUAL/001.DDS, 002.DDS    //XMB in English (United Kingdom & United States)
NP**12345/MANUAL/02/001.DDS, 002.DDS //XMB in French
NP**12345/MANUAL/03/001.DDS, 002.DDS //XMB in Spanish
NP**12345/MANUAL/17/001.DDS, 002.DDS //XMB in Portuguese (Portugal & Brazil) 
  • Only for PS3 type, HDD Installed Contents
  • Is not supported inside PS3 game disc structure... but is supported in the "GameData" installations made by PS3 disc games and by his game updates/patches
  • To add multiple manuals for different languages use the subfolders 02 (for french manual), 03 (for spanish manual), etc..., the numbers follows the system Language codes
  • Up to 999.DDS pages ? (speculative, because the image names uses 3 digits, e,g: 123.DDS but max not tested)

Image Formats[edit]

  • The .DDS original format (found in NPUA80543) is DXT1C (dxt1, only color), without mipmaps. See: Multimedia Formats and Tools
  • The resolutions (width x height) needs to have a number of pixels that is a multiple of 4 (both width and height sizes needs to be multiple of 4). DDS tools cant make a direct conversion of images that are not multiple of 4 (error: Image is not a multiple of 4 and no rescaling specified), and by using rescaling is not posible to create DDS images with sizes that are not multiple of 4 (error: [Rescaling] [Processing] returned error IMAGE_NOT_MULT4)

  • Most useful resolutions (because all modern TV's and PS3 are designed for it) are all that matches 16:9 aspect ratio, you can see a list of the most common here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/16:9#Common_resolutions
    • Supported 16:9 resolutions: 640x360, 960x540, 1024x576, 1280x720, 1600x900, 1920x1080 (found in NPUA80543), 2048x1152, 2560x1440
    • NOT supported 16:9 resolutions (not multiple of 4): 864x486 (486 is not multiple of 4), 1366x768 (1366 is not multiple of 4)
    • NOT supported 16:9 resolutions (too big in bytes ?): 2880x1620 (2,22 MB per page), 3200x1800 (2,74 MB per page), 3840x2160 for 4K UHD TV (3,95 MB per page)
Page size by resolution (comparison)
DDS Format 16:9 Resolutions
640x360 960x540
(qHD TV)
1024x576 1280x720
1600x900 1920x1080
(Full HD TV)
2048x1152 2560x1440
DXT1C, No mipmaps 112 KB 253 KB 288 KB 450 KB 703 KB 0,98 MB 1,12 MB 1,75 MB
  • Other resolutions (not 16:9)
    • Supported: 1280x1024
Page size by resolution (comparison)
DDS Format Not 16:9 Resolutions
DXT1C, No mipmaps 640 KB
Can be created with nvidia texture tool (nvdxt.exe) by using this command:
  • Individual file:
Type This
nvdxt.exe -file input.png -dxt1c -nomipmap -output output.dds
  • Individual file with cube filter rescale to 1920x1080 resolution, and highest quality compression:
Type This
nvdxt.exe -file input.png -dxt1c -nomipmap -prescale 1920 1080 -quality_highest -output output.dds
  • Multiple files with cube filter rescale to 1920x1080 resolution, highest quality compression, and using folder paths for input and output (massive conversion of any supported image with any name and any resolution from CUSTOM_IMAGES folder to MANUAL folder)
Type This
nvdxt.exe -deep c:\CUSTOM_IMAGES -all -dxt1c -nomipmap -prescale 1920 1080 -quality_highest -outdir c:\MANUAL
  • Nvidia Texture Tool notes:
    • Supported image formats
      • .tga .bmp .gif .ppm .jpg .tif .cel .dds .png .psd .rgb .bw .rgba
    • DDS format and options
      • -dxt1c: DXT1 (color only)
      • -nomipmap: don't generate MIP maps
    • General options
      • -quick: use fast compression method
      • -quality_normal: normal quality compression
      • -quality_production: production quality compression
      • -quality_highest: highest quality compression (this can be very slow)
      • -prescale <int> <int>: rescale image to this size first
    • Rescale filters (default: cube filter)
      • -RescalePoint
      • -RescaleBox
      • -RescaleTriangle
      • -RescaleQuadratic
      • -RescaleCubic
      • -RescaleCatrom
      • -RescaleMitchell
      • -RescaleGaussian
      • -RescaleSinc
      • -RescaleBessel
      • -RescaleHanning
      • -RescaleHamming
      • -RescaleBlackman
      • -RescaleKaiser
    • Paths
      • -file <filename>: input file to process. Accepts wild cards
      • -output <filename>: filename to write to [-outfile can also be specified]
      • -deep <directory>: include all subdirectories
      • -all: all image files in current directory
      • -outdir <directory>: output directory
    • Other notes
      • The -prescale is a -rescale that happens first, both uses the same filters, included the default cube filter rescaling used in this examples (-RescaleCubic is the default filter used when no other filters are specifyed) and all the other availables like -RescaleGaussian, etc...
Can be created with gimp plugin...
Please help to fill...
Can be created with photoshop plugin...
Please help to fill...
  • Pixelation notes:

Overall, and based on how the pages will be displayed with or without zoom... there are basically 2 types of manuals

The most common is the classic "user manual" from any device, where are used texts with long sentences, a few icons, and some small images overlayed to explain the working or the controlls of the device/program/game/whatever

In this kind of manual, the pages are supposed to be readed at "full screen", so is needed to use a font with good size, this makes pointless to use the zoom function (well, most users will zoom for science purposes, but they will realize is pointless because zooming in a sentence is stupid if you can read it without zoom)

For this manuals is good to go to the small resolution sizes (like 1024x576 or smaller with 288 KB per page) because there is a small pixelation but is only notable when zoomed in... and well... user is not supposed to zoom in more than 1 time (the first time for science), this manuals are good for homebrew where the manual doesnt needs to be bigger than the homebrew app itself (a manual of 30 MB for a homebrew with size 5 MB looks excesive)

The other type of manual is where it contains maps of the game with the location of items, places, or any kind of image with big detail that is interesting to display it in the bigger size posible (here the user is supposed to zoom in allways in every page)

For this ones is good to go for the bigger resolution sizes like 2560x1440 (and 1,75 MB per page) because usually there are not much pages and are for games wich size is much bigger than the manual (a manual of 100 MB for a game with size 10GB doesnt looks excesive)

Links & Tutorials[edit]


Note: images has been converted to jpg for wikify purpose.

PS2 Classics[edit]

PS1 Classics[edit]

PSP Minis and Remasters[edit]

Standalone Manuals[edit]

PS3 PlayView[edit]

See PlayView for other PS3 standalone digital manual

PSP Digital Comic[edit]

Digital Comic for PSP

PS3 DigiManual[edit]

Named as Digimanual or Manual (Digital), they are stand alone pkg PS3 hdd games included in disc (PKGDIR for example) or available online.

Seems to be a standard utility (the eboot) specific to display this kind of manuals, so should be considered an app, not a feature of the firmware

Structure tree[edit]

NPUO30***/ (only from few US example)
    |-ICON0.PNG (See Content Information files for HDD Game)
    |-PARAM.SFO (SFO category HG)
          |-digiman_content_en.sdat (can also have others languages as digiman_content_es.sdat..)
                |-image/ (can contain sub-directory such "screenshots", "modals"...)
                |    |
                |    |-.jpg and .png
                |    |
                |    |-.wav

Web Manuals[edit]

Online Manuals[edit]

Online instruction Manuals on XMB Network column. accesses the manuals hosted at (click in the table below to go to a specific manual page):

Read manuals.playstation.net/document and us.playstation.com/support/manuals
TV/Video Services
TV/Video Services
PlayStation Network
PlayStation Network

Game Options Menu Manuals[edit]

Some games has an online manual that can be accessed from the "options menu" in main XMB (by pressing triangle over the game icon)

Manuals Multilingual Support[edit]

PlayStation Languages

Code Name Support
2-digits 2-letters Localised English PS1 PS2 PSP PS3 PSV PS4
00 ja 日本語 Japanese ALL ? ALL 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00
01 en English (United States) English (United States)
02 fr Français French No ? 1.50
03 es Español (España) Spanish (Spain)
04 de Deutsch German
05 it Italiano Italian
06 nl Nederlands Dutch
07 pt Português (Portugal) Portuguese (Portugal)
08 ru Русский Russian EXT
09 ko 한국어 Korean 2.00 1.50
10 ch 繁體中文 Chinese (Traditional) 2.70 1.60
11 zh 简体中文 Chinese (Simplified)
12 fi Suomi Finnish No No
13 sv Svenska Swedish
14 da Dansk Danish
15 no Norsk Norwegian
16 pl Polski Polish 3.10
17 br Português (Brasil) Portuguese (Brazil) 4.00
18 gb English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
19 tr Türkçe Turkish 4.30 2.00
20 la Español (América Latina) Spanish (Latin America) No No
21 ar العربية Arabic 2.00
22 ca Français (Canada) French (Canada) 2.50
23 cs Čeština Czech 5.00
24 hu Magyar Hungarian
25 el Ελληνικά Greek
26 ro Română Romanian
27 th ไทย Thai
28 vi Tiếng Việt Vietnamese
29 in Indonesia Indonesian
  • Notes:
    • Portugues (Portugal), and Portugues (Brazil) can share the same manual ingame
    • English (United States), and English (United Kingdom) can share the same manual ingame