Sysconf plugin

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1 Identifiers:

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1 Interface[edit | edit source]

contains 3 subs:

0: 1 Parameter: int page_id - SetWidget "main" 
1: 1 Parameter: int page_id - (SetWidget "main" as well + (0xE, 0x7, 0xB) = Unlock something)
2: 1 Parameter, set: char path[0x204] - backup utility related

page id list[edit | edit source]

ID Page name
0x00 page_bdvd_config
0x01 page_music_config
0x02 page_chat_config
0x03 page_console_config
0x04 page_xmb_menu
0x05 page_theme_config
0x06 page_date_time_config
0x07 page_device_config
0x08 page_display_config
0x09 page_sound_config
0x0A page_security_config
0x0B page_network_config
0x0C page_remote_config
0x0D page_print_config
0x0E page_game_config
0x0F page_xmb_menu

Load up parameters[edit | edit source]

init = (dialog page id)
action = (int)
restore_type = (0/1 , init must be 0x08)
flash_corrupted = (0= init Setup/1)
init_registry = (0/1, init must be 0x12)

dialog page id list[edit | edit source]

ID Page name
0x00 (unknown)
0x01 (unknown)
0x02 power_off_date_time_config
0x03 power_off_hdmi_detected
0x04 power_off_recover_hdd
0x05 power_off_recover_hdd
0x06 power_off_recover_hdd
0x07 power_off_recover_hdd
0x08 Restore Type
0x09 power_off_recover_hdd
0x0A (unknown)
0x0B power_off_recover_hdd
0x0C Backup Utility/Shop Install
0x0D Crashdump Message
0x0E reconstruct_hdd
0x0F receive_data_transfer (hdd)
0x10 turnoff_notice
0x11 backup/SavedataList.dat related
0x12 Tool Format / Registry Init
0x13 Health / Epilepsy Warning
0x14 Filesystem corrupted Message
0x15 Restoring Filesystem Message