Downgrading with Hardware flasher

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NAND flasher downgrader steps

NOR flasher downgrader steps

Downgrading installation steps


Connect your Hardware flashing device and make sure you are getting 100% correct, valid, verified dumps.

Checking console capability of running 3.55

Compare the values found in your dump with those in the metldr+bootldr sizes table

If not having a dump, use the MinVer PUP method


The mention of minimal version praxis on several other wikipages is only a rough indication.
The two most accurate ways are to look at the actual dump and the MinVer PUP method itself, instead of flying blind on SKU tables and datecodes

metldr+bootldr sizes

You can check metldr and bootldr sizes easily with HxD

  • either after extracting flash with Flowrebuilder and opening seperate files
  • or by looking in the unextracted Flash dump at the correct offset.

This table lists some common known values for your convenience as quick lookup:

IDPS/Target_ID SKU - Datecode / Manufacturing date metldr offset bootldr Notes lowest
0x2F077 (NOR)
0x80877 (NAND)
0x81E (NOR)
0x4081E (NAND)
0x842 (NOR)
0x40842 (NAND)
size 0xFC0002 (NOR)
0x02 (NAND)
0xFC0012 (NOR)
0x12 (NAND)
n/a CEB-2030 (MPU-501 PROTO  n/a n/a 28C20 28 BE 28 BE Patch + FSM = OK <=0.50.003
01 DEH-Z1010 (TMU-520 SD  14 20 11 3E 2D020 2C FE 2C FE Patch + FSM = OK <=0.80.004
01 DECR-1000 (TMU-520 DECR  Every DECR manufactured before January 2009 Share the same BL/Metldr revisions EC 40 0E C0 2A840 2A 80 2A 80 Patch + FSM = OK <=0.85.010
01 ?DEH-H1001-D? (COOKIE13 CEX  EC 40 0E C0 2A830 2A 7F 2A 7F Patch + FSM = OK <=0.85.010
01 DEH-H1000A-E (COK-001 DEX  EC 70 0E C3 2A1E0 2A 1A 2A 1A Patch + FSM = OK <095.001
CECHAxx (COK-001)
CECHExx (COK-002)
EE 10 0E DD 2A430 2A 3F 2A 3F Patch + FSM = OK 1.00
CECHAxx (COK-001) with 1.00 from factory
CECHBxx (COK-001)
CECHCxx (COK-002)
ED A0 0E D6 2A2E0 2A 2A 2A 2A Patch + FSM = OK 1.00
03 CECHCxx (COK-002) with 1.00 from factory EB F0 0E BB 30480 30 44 30 44 Patch + FSM = OK 1.00
CECHAxx (COK-001)
CECHBxx (COK-001)
CECHCxx (COK-002)
ED E0 0E DA 2A3B0 2A 37 2A 37 Patch + FSM = OK 1.00
Namco System 357 (COK-002 ARC 
CECHGxx (SEM-001)
E7 B0 0E 77 2E900 2E 8C 2E 8C Patch + FSM = OK ?1.90?
CECHGxx (SEM-001)
CECHHxx (DIA-001)
E7 B0 0E 77 2F200 2F 1C 2F 1C Patch + FSM = OK 2.30
CECHGxx (SEM-001)
CECHHxx (DIA-001)
E8 C0 0E 88 2EF80 2E F4 2E F4 Patch + FSM = OK 2.30
CECHHxx (DIA-001)
CECHJxx (DIA-002) with 2.30 from factory - datecode 8B
E8 E0 0E 8A 2EF80 2E F4 2E F4 Patch + FSM = OK 1.97
CECHExx (COK-002)
CECHHxx (DIA-001)
CECHMxx (DIA-001)
EA 60 0E A2 2EE70 2E E3 2E E3 Patch + FSM = OK
07 CECHJxx (DIA-002)
CECHKxx (DIA-002) datecode 8C
EA 60 0E A2 2EE70 2E E3 2E E3 Patch + FSM = OK
Namco System 357 (VER-001 ARC 
CECHLxx / CECHPxx (VER-001)
E8 D0 0E 89 2EAF0 2E AB 2E AB Patch + FSM = OK ?2.45?
08 CECHLxx (VER-001) E8 D0 0E 89 2EB70 2E B3 2E B3 Patch + FSM = OK 2.45
CECHLxx (VER-001) with 2.30 from factory - datecode unknown
CECH-20xx (DYN-001) with 2.76 from factory, datecode unknown
E8 90 0E 85 2F170 2F 13 2F 13 Patch + FSM = OK 2.30
09 DECR-1400 (DEB-001 DECR  with 2.60 from factory - manufacture date June 09
E8 90 0E 85 2F170 2F 13 2F 13 Patch + FSM = OK 2.60
09 CECH-20xx (DYN-001) E9 20 0E 8E 2F3F0 2F 3B 2F 3B Patch + FSM = OK 2.70
0A CECH-21xx (SUR-001) E9 20 0E 8E 2F4F0 2F 4B 2F 4B Patch + FSM = OK 3.20
CECHExx (COK-002W) refurbished
CECH-25xx (JTP-001) with 3.40 from factory - datecode 0C
CECH-25xx (JSD-001) with 3.41 from factory - datecode 0C
E9 20 0E 8E 2F4F0 2F 4B 2F 4B Patch + FSM = OK 3.40
CECH-25xx (JSD-001) with 3.56 from factory - datecode 0D
CECH-25xx (JTP-001) with 3.56 from factory - datecode 1A
E9 60 0E 92 2F570 2F 53 2F 53 Patch + FSM = OK 3.50
CECH-25xx (JTP-001) with 3.56 from factory - datecode 1A (rare)
CECH-25xx (JSD-001) with 3.56 from factory - datecode 1B (common)
CECH-25xx (JTP-001) with 3.56 from factory - datecode 1B (common)
E9 60 0E 92 2F5F0 2F 5B 2F 5B (RLOD+)poweroff @ downgrade 355
(3.56+ + spkg fix + signed 3.55 priv : should work)
Patch + noFSM = OK
CECH-25xx (JSD-001) with 3.60 from factory - datecode 1B
CECH-25xx (JTP-001) with 3.60 from factory - datecode [N.A.]
CECH-30xx (KTE-001) with 3.65 from factory - datecode [N.A.]
F9 20 0F 8E 2FFF0 2F FB 2F FB "metldr.2"
(RLOD+)poweroff @ downgrade 3.55
(RLOD+)poweroff @ Patch + noFSM
0C CECH-30xx (KTE-001) with ? from factory - datecode [?] F9 B0 0F 97 30070 30 03 30 03 "metldr.2"
(RLOD+)poweroff @ downgrade 3.55
(RLOD+)poweroff @ Patch + noFSM
0C CECH-30xx (KTE-001) with 3.72 from factory - datecode [1C] F9 B0 0F 97 300F0 30 0B 30 0B "metldr.2"
(RLOD+)poweroff @ downgrade 3.55
(RLOD+)poweroff @ Patch + noFSM
CECH-40xx (MSX-001)
CECH-40xx (MPX-001)
CECH-40xx (MSX-001) '12GB'
F9 B0 0F 97 301F0 30 1B 30 1B "metldr.2"
(RLOD+)poweroff @ downgrade 3.55
(RLOD+)poweroff @ Patch + noFSM

Patch the dump & Reflash it to the console

Flowrebuilder : Autopatcher

Flowrebuilder : Autopatcher - completed

For patching you can use:

NAND + NOR patchfile.txt


Use NAND patches only on NAND consoles, not on NOR!

Target area Patchfile NAND Offset Paste length Remarks
ROS0 patch1 (7 MB) 0x0C0030 0x6FFFE0 CoreOS (prepatched 3.55)
ROS1 patch1 (7 MB) 0x7C0020 0x6FFFE0 CoreOS (SAME as ros0)
trvk_prg0 (0x91800)
trvk_prg1 (0x92810)
trvk_pkg (0x93800)
patch2 (16 KB) 0x91800 0x4000 one big patch overlapping several revoke area's

(above patches in a single package + autopatcher file: NAND downgrade.rar [1])

Reinstall firmware in Factory Service Mode

PSGrade/JIG - in rightmost USB Port - for triggering factory service mode

USBSTICK - content for factory service mode - downgrading

USBSTICK - in rightmost USB Port - for installing in factory service mode

For this step it is required to have the console fully assembled (connected PSU, coolingblock+fan, harddrive, wifi/bt board, blu-ray drive etc).

  1. Use the PSGrade/JIG dongle to trigger Factory Service Mode
    • Remove power from the console (rear power switch or remove powercord)
    • Put PSGrade/JIG dongle in the rightmost USB port (closest to the Blu-Ray drive)
    • Power the console so it is in standby (rear power switch or attach powercord)
    • Press power button on front of the PS3 then immediately press eject within ~100ms
    • If powered on correctly your dongle will light up (usually green) and trigger Factory Service Mode. The PSGrade will then power off the console. If it boots into the XMB with a red FSM logo in the corner you are using an old PSGrade.
  2. Put the Lv2diag.self (see below) and a pre-patched firmware to install (named PS3UPDAT.PUP) in root of your USB Mass Storage Device and plug it in the PS3 (in the same port as the PSGrade).
  3. Turn PS3 on and it will automatically install the firmware you had put there. You will not have anything on the screen, you can only tell it is installing by the flashing USB and PS3's HDD light
  4. PS3 will turn itself off after finishing the firmware installation (If it flashes red the firmware did not install correctly).
    A logfile should be present in root of the USB Mass Storage Device with no errors

See also Downgrading with PSgrade Dongle, which also contains alot of ready to use PSgrade HEX files for several dongles.

PUP to use

Rogero V3.7 (mirror / MD5:8f8166b25d6bed891f292c77de5c4b28)

for noFSM, use 9.99 downgrader instead: MD5:b67747f529d047d63151786544a58b50

or any firmware with prepatched lv1 (no syscon hash checks)

Note: if your end-goal is a 3.56+ MFW, then it is safer to downgrade first to 3.55. Upgrading in service mode (mostly errors out 0x8002f14e) is never recommended (only lower or same version).

Different Factory Service Mode SELFs


For factory Service Mode install:

  • if using the normal lv2diag : Use a NoBD patched PUP (e.g. Rogero NoBD PUP) (to prevent error 0x8002f057)
  • if using the jaicrab NoBD lv2diag : Use the Rogero normal PUP - see note below (and redump flash after FSM to check both ROS)

note: since V3 Rogero is only available as noBD, use that one with normal lv2diag.self


Use the normal lv2diag and use the Rogero normal PUP

Only when having a console with a broken bluraydrive, you either:

  • use the normal lv2diag : Use a NoBD patched PUP (e.g. Rogero NoBD PUP) (to prevent error 0x8002f057)
  • use the jaicrab NoBD lv2diag : Use the Rogero normal PUP - see note below

note: since V3.7 Rogero is only available as noBD, use that one with normal lv2diag.self

Filename Size Remarks SHA1 MD5 CRC32 CRC16
Lv2diag.self (365.5 KB) 374272 3.55 in FSM * 1ED037740D67FEBACA6449CABFF4E95400C9E2EE 099F33A7967F99E91C07E870FD78B3DB 9338ABF2 4FCC
Lv2diag.self (227.38 KB) 232832 jaicrab noBD patched 180823003B086D9D49BC7F83BEA9C769BF73A5EA 3615770407C0C3FA00D8CA49C8ADB362 25E85CFB EDD0

* recommended default choice, see above notes mirrors: / / / /

Check the logfile

XMB red square notification - factory service mode

After installation of the firmware, take the created logfile in root of USB Mass Storage Device and look if it contains errors (pastie the log if you want to ask for help online on IRC)


You can boot console to XMB while still in FSM, if you want to be really sure it installed fine.


  • If you are using a component cable the image might be garbled.
  • If you are using HDMI, you don't have any screenoutput at all after the "press PS-button" message. (note: conflicting reports on HDMI working or not in FSM)

Getting out of Factory Service Mode

USBSTICK - content for exit factory service mode

If everything went fine without errors, you can take the console out of service mode and enjoy your downgraded console :)

  1. Put the Lv2diag.self (see below) in root of your USB Mass Storage Device and plug it in the PS3 (again, in the rightmost USB port).
  2. Turn PS3 on, it will trigger Factory Service Mode off and shutdown.
Filename Size Remarks SHA1 MD5 CRC32 CRC16
Lv2diag.self (201.42 KB) 206256 get out FSM 329877CBD47B994EC0AFCEA6AF98114FD9E5128B 7A20BFDAE65EEFB47A4425DB1B52DCDE 72740080 502A


Goal: To be able to install unpatched firmwares (or 4.2x/4.3x MFW later on) on consoles that where previously on 3.56+ (highly recomended)

You can use either or both QA/reFSM way:

reFSM dehashing

  1. Patch as normal downgrader (ROS 0/1 + RVK prg/pkg)
  2. install prepatched firmware in service mode

Above is already done if you just downgraded

Dump the flash first, in case you brick on dehashing, you can easily flash this one back to debrick

  1. Put console in service mode with JIG (in case you left service mode and ran the prepatched firmware in normal mode)
  2. Use normal lv2diag.self and unpatched official firmware (e.g. 3.55) on USB Mass Storage device in root and let the system reinstall that in factory service mode (FSM).
  3. After installation is finished console will turn off. Check UPDATER_LOG.TXT in root of USB Mass Storage device (it should have "manufacturing updating SUCCESS(0x8002f000)" in end section).
  4. If everything is OK, then reinsert USB Mass Storage device and let it install again.
  5. After installation is finished console will turn off. Check UPDATER_LOG.TXT in root of USB Mass Storage device (it should have "manufacturing updating SUCCESS(0x8002f000)" in end section).
  6. If everything is OK, then console should now be dehashed and no longer brick with any unpatched firmwares.
  7. Replace lv2diag.self for he one getting out of service mode and put in root.
  8. Power on console, it should turn off and not boot XMB.
  9. Remove USB Mass Storage device and boot console normally. If all went well it should load to XMB now. Congrats, you now finished downgrading and dehashing. Console runs 3.55 and any firmware of choice can be installed, no longer needing to be patched for downgrader.


  • FSM gets you a installer LOG (QA does not)
  • FSM does not delete ACT.DAT (QA does)
  • FSM can be done without a BD drive with noBD patched firmware (QA needs the BD drive present)
  • FSM can be done without seeing XMB or Recovery (QA needs Recovery and XMB for the QA-flagging package)

Both ways require installing nonpatched firmware to dehash syscon bank. QA-flag can be removed/reset (but it is better to keep it flagged) after succesfull dehash, without bricking.

 <domelec> dehash procedure: fsm install ofw
           after console turns off take out usb stick and look at log file, 
           if log is ok then reinsert usb stick and turn on console,
           ofw will then reinstall, after console turns off again 
           take out usb stick and check log, if ok then exit fsm 
 <eussNL> do double FSM OFW, then get out of service mode.
 <eussNL> check everything is working
 <eussNL> THEN and only THEN, you can install whatever you want, in recovery.
 <eussNL> there is no need for factory mode after dehashing complete
 <eussNL> in fact, if everything works on OFW 3.55 after dehashing, 
 <eussNL> you can install Rogero V3.2 in recovery and QA-extra flag it  
 <eussNL> if OFW 3.55 works then you proven that you dehashed
 <eussNL> so after that you can install whatever MFW 3.55 you want
 <eussNL> If for some reason you cannot dehash because of BD or BT errors
          then you can use PS3MFW Builder and the broken Blueray / broken Bluetooth
          tasks. Do not select downgrader patches, or you will not dehash!
 <eussNL> BD error can be persistant if flasher is still attached, 
 <eussNL> 3 options: 1. open R7/R8  /  2. remove flasher control lines / 3. remove all flasher wiring
 <playonlcd> i  think you can update on wiki "dehashing with jaicrab is not recommended
             and will not dehash as needed and thus semibrick by syscon hash panic