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The IDPS is a 16 bytes value that contains console specific information. Exactly what information this stores is not completely known.


                              Chassis Check
                                  ⇓  ⇓                    
00000000  00 00 00 01 00 89 00 0B 14 00 EF DD CA 25 52 66  .....‰....ïÝÊ%Rf
                         ⇑     ⇑
                 Target ID     PS3 Model type
    (Internal:Product Code)   (Internal: Product Sub Code)

6th byte represents Target ID

8th byte represents SKU Model

9th byte : chassis check

The IDPS can be found in EID0 and EID5, see Flash (NAND @ 0x80870 / NOR @ 0x2F070).

Displayed under setting information on MultiMan or on registry/application_persistent file inside playstation Store folder (as DeviceID).

idpstealer (patched since FW 4.70 and deprecated since ps3exploit)[edit]

From flatz: Privet, PS3 fans! Once KaKaRoTo published his backup tool I’ve decided to bring a way of getting a console ID (IDPS) to the community. It can be used on OFW/CFW firmware and you don’t need any additional software/hardware installed on your PS3.

However there are several cons about releasing:

  1. A big company will fix it in the next firmwares.
  2. It can be used to steal other people’s IDPS if you have an access to their consoles.

And it seems that this is the only method of getting ConsoleId without using hardware solutions on the moment. So please, if you want to get an IDPS from your console then do it as fast as possible because I think this method won’t work in the nearly future.

How it works: IDPStealer works as a proxy server and intercepts all network traffic (including SSL traffic via HTTPS over HTTP tunneling) and it tries to get IDPS from it. It doesn’t contains any malicious code and can be safely used like any other proxy server.

Usage: idpstealer.exe [options] <idps file>
-p <port number> - Port to listen on (default: 1337
-h               - Show this help
<idps file>      - Output file for IDPS
C:\>idpstealer.exe idps.bin
Starting proxy server on
IDPS have been successfully written to: idps.bin

  • This method no longer works because now Sony uses OpenPSID instead of IDPS although the key/algorithm remains the same.
  • This should work also on PS4 and PSVita, but with a different key (not known/public atm)