Secure RTC Manager

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This Service is responsible for Real Time Clock and System Time.

*Secure RTC reads LAIDs and PAIDs that are allowed to access Secure RTC service from Default.spp segment SCE_CELLOS_SS_SECURE_RTC.
*vsh uses syscall 0x362 (866) to communicate.

0x3000 - Secure RTC[edit]

note: inside ss_server2.fself
RTC Manager service is accessed by GameOS syscall 866
Packet ID Description Lv1 Parameter Usage Lv2Syscall Parameter notes
0x3001 Set RTC
0x3002 Get Time
0x3003 Set Time

0x3001 - Set RTC[edit]

  • This service uses SC Manager Set RTC (0x9008) service.

0x3002 - Get Time[edit]

  • This service uses SC Manager Get Time (0x9009) service.

0x3003 - Set Time[edit]

  • This service uses SC Manager Set Time (0x900A) service.