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Slim PSU pinout

1-474-177-11 (1-879-919-11)

PS3 PSU Control connector 4 pins
Pin # Name Description
1 5VSB Standby voltage
2 GND Ground
3 ACDC_STBY Switch main output
4 ACIN_DET Detect main input

Mods and repairs[edit]

  • Tutorial - How to fix your PS3 Slim shutting down automatically after few minutes of use

This video tutorial aims to guide a possible solution to a PS3 Slim that is shutting down automatically after a few minutes of use, even if it is not presenting problems of overheating (And the red light that indicates Stand By Mode turns off too). Consists of adjusting 2 trimpots (trimmer potentiometer) that protect the Power Supply (model APS-250) inside the PS3 Slim, the trimpots OCP (Over Current Protection) and PFC (Power Factor Correction). It is noteworthy that these adjustments alter protection components of the system, thus making these adjustments at your own risk, because I am not responsible for any damages due these adjustments.