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Description[edit | edit source]

Productnumber(s): 1-878-065-11, 1-878-065-21, 1-878-065-31

This daughterboard is used in CECHLxx, CECHMxx, CECHPxx and CECHQxx SKU.

Due to the use of this controller, Cobra ODE cannot be used on these SKU.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

ICs[edit | edit source]

  • IC300: CXD5065GB-1 controller (Digital Signal Processors)
  • IC110: CXA2720R subcontroller (Front-End-Processors)
  • IC309: Samsung K4S641632K-UC75 (Worker RAM for BD)
  • IC304: Spansion AL008D0043-01 (NOR flash with encrypted firmware)
  • Marvell 88SA8040-TBC1 (SATA to PATA IDE bridge chip)
  • IC103: Rohm BD7956FS (7 channel Motor Driver - EXP-Motor coils/sled/slot motor driver)
  • IC108: Rohm BA5888FP (Laser Driver - Tracking/Focus Coils driver)
  • IC303: NJM13403V (OPAMP - Tracking/Focus CTRL)
  • IC310: Macronix MX25L1005MC (CMOS Serial Flash) key

Connectors[edit | edit source]

long board edge:

short board edge: